1 December

It's Playboy's birthday

So we are drinking a...

Porn Star Martini

Hugh Hefner (RIP) published the first issue of Playboy magazine this day in 1953 with $3,600. It was an immediate success and over the decades that followed he grew Playboy into an empire - "the house that flesh built."

Playboy's Rabbit insignia and the Bunny Girls have become both famous and infamous, but Hef almost called his magazine Stag Party with an accompanying stag symbol. As he said in a 1974 interview in his own magazine, "I changed my mind just before we went to press, thank God. Can you imagine a chain of key clubs staffed by beautiful girls wearing antlers?" That's the thing, the world has moved on and it is now difficult to believe such a chain of clubs is still staffed with corset-wearing waitresses complete with satin bunny ears and fluffy white tails.

From that very first issue, Playboy combined intelligent, well-written editorial with sex and nudity - tame by today's standards. Now much diversified Playboy continues this mix on playboy.com where we have to say there is some very interesting content such as this article of a bartender's guide to proper bar etiquette.

We are drinking to Playmates, Bunnies, and Hef's entrepreneurialism with a Porn Star Martini.

This is also the day Rosa Parks rode the bus

How does a woman become famous for riding a bus? When her name is Rosa Parks. On 1st December 1955, Parks, an African-American activist, was sitting in the "coloured" section of a bus in segregated Montgomery, Alabama.

White people boarded, so the driver moved the "coloured" sign down the bus, forcing folk with darker skin to stand. When he insisted that Rosa give up her seat to people of the shade Alabama law preferred, Rosa refused, was arrested, and became the mother of the civil rights movement.

An everyday hero and an extraordinary woman, Rosa died aged 91, penniless and facing eviction. Remember her today with a Rosarita Margarita.