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March 4th, or March Forth, is a day like no other. Not just a clever play on words, March Forth is a call to action. It's a day to push yourself forward, to move past any obstacles that are holding you back and progress towards your goals. It's a day to march forth with confidence, determination, and a fierce sense of purpose.

But why March 4th? Well, the history behind this day is actually quite interesting. March 4th used to be the date of the presidential inauguration in the United States, before it was changed to January 20th in the 1930s. So, March 4th has a historical association with new beginnings and fresh starts. Others would say that March Forth is a symbol of military determination and resilience, and as the unofficial slogan of the US Army, is used to encourage soldiers to move forward and make progress, both in their personal and professional lives, and in their service to their country.

In addition to its historical and military significance, March 4th has become a cultural phenomenon. People all around the world celebrate March Forth by taking bold steps towards their dreams and goals. Whether it's starting a new business, learning a new skill, or making a big life change, March Forth is the perfect day to take that first step.

It's also a day to celebrate those who have made significant contributions to society by taking a stand and pushing for change. This includes leaders, activists, and anyone who has inspired others to march forth and make a difference.

So, how can you celebrate March Forth? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Make a list of your goals and start taking action towards achieving them.
  2. Do something that scares you, whether it's public speaking, skydiving, or trying a new food.
  3. Take a class or workshop to learn a new skill.
  4. Start a new hobby or project.
  5. Volunteer for a cause you care about.

At the end of the day, March Forth is a reminder that we all have the power to make a difference in our own lives and in the world around us. So, let's March Forth and move forward towards our aspirations and dreams. And speaking of dreams, how about a Moondream cocktail? It's time to march forth towards the drinks cupboard we say.

The US Constitution became law on this day

The US Constitution is probably America's single most successful export. The first written constitution in world history, it provided a model for more than 160 different countries in its first 200 years of existence, shaping ideas of freedom and citizenship the world over.

Comprising fewer than 4,500 words, including its rousing beginning, "We, the people of the United States...", the US Constitution remains both the oldest and the shortest written constitution of any government in the world.

It entered into American law on this day in 1789, and because we think that must have been a great morning for Americans to wake up to, we're celebrating the date with an American Breakfast.

It's the anniversary of Hemingway finishing The Old Man And The Sea

On this day in 1951, somewhere in Cuba, Hemingway finished writing his classic, The Old Man and the Sea.

It's not a complicated plot, but just a beautifully described battle between an old fisherman, and an enormous marlin that he's harpooned in the Gulf Stream. It's only a short book but won The Pulitzer Prize, and in 1954 it was referenced when Hemingway won the Nobel Prize in literature - if you've not read it yet, then the prizes alone indicate that it really is worth getting your hands on a copy!

Hemingway was a great drinker, so it was more than likely that he celebrated finishing his novella with a drink or two. If you fancy celebrating the anniversary on his behalf, then why not mix a Hemingway Special Daiquiri which was created by the head bartender of El Floridita, Cuba (Constante Ribalaigua Vert), especially for Hemingway.

Today is National Grammar Day

Today is a time, according to the folks behind National Grammar Day and its truly cringeworthy theme song, to, well, march forth.

"March forth.
Grammar is the bomb.
March forth.
The band is playing our song.
March forth.
Grammar can't go wrong.
March forth.
You know it won't take long."

If there's a grammar zealot in your life, today would be a great day to proposition them with a preposition, conjoin them in conjunctions or embrace them in parentheses. Alternatively, of course, you might just want to enjoy a Last Word. We do.

It's the anniversary of Antarctica going nuclear

On this day in 1962, nuclear power came to Antarctica, as the USA fired up the first (and, so far, the only) nuclear power station on the continent, at its McMurdo Station.

The logic seemed simple enough. It had been a real headache to ship tonnes upon tonnes of diesel fuel south, and, once there, it had to be kept warm so that it continued to work in temperatures as low as -50˚C. So, in those halcyon days before Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, nuclear seemed like a cheap, smart alternative.

The plant's life was not a happy one. A decade after opening, an inspection found a leak in the pressure chamber, plus cracks throughout the system, and the decision was made to shut it down.

We think there are better ways to keep warm in even the chilliest of winters than by a broken nuclear reactor - such as the Cold Winter Warmer Sour, a well-balanced concoction that is based on the hot toddy.

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