22 March

World Water Day

Waters of Chaos

So we are drinking a...

Waters of Chaos

Water is the most abundant compound on the earth's surface, covering 70% of our planet. Yet almost a billion human beings live without access to clean drinking water, so World Water Day is a day to reflect on this and act.

Water supplies are limited, and demand is increasing -- and, as flood victims know, it's possible to be surrounded by the stuff and still unable to drink. What can you do? Think about the water we use. Turning off the tap while you're brushing your teeth, or washing fruit in a bowl rather than under a tap can save many thousands of litres a year.

It's likely that the kind of wars that are and have been fought over oil will in future be fought over water. Ease this depressing thought with a White Water Sour, a White Water Ride, a Bywater, or even a Waters of Chaos.

It's also the anniversary of The Profumo Scandal

Back in the days before the interweb, mobile phones and digital cameras, the truth could take time to unfold - and this day in 1963 what's arguably still the most famous political sex scandal in the UK began building to its slow peak.

For John Profumo, then in the sensitive position of Secretary of State for War, was forced to deny having a relationship with a teenage model-cum-escort, Christine Keeler, who was also having an affair with a Russian spy. And he went for it, threatening to issue writs for libel and slanders against anyone who suggested that Keeler was anything more than a family friend.

It would be almost three months before he was caught and resigned, and Stephen Ward, the society osteopath-cum-pimp who introduced the pair, would commit suicide: Profumo spent the rest of his life in charity work, earning a CBE in 1975.

We are marking the day the Profumo Scandal kicked off with a Ninth Ward.

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