28 December

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Día de los Santos Inocentes

So we are drinking a...

Merry-Go-Round Martini

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Herod the Great doesn’t have the best press in Christian literature, what with allegedly massacring every young male child in Bethlehem. Today Spaniards and many Latin Americans remember his activities with Day of the Holy Innocents, the Spanish-speaking world’s answer to April Fool’s Day.

The media runs spoof stories, kids play pranks, bonfires are lit and in some villages children get to play mayor for the day. Alicante sees flour battles in the streets, Fraga folk throw eggs at each other, in Tremp people burn a giant paper doll, and in Valencia kids dress up for the Dance of the Fools. A Merry-Go-Round Martini, a martini blended with two different vermouths, rather sums it all up.

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