Franklin Dry Martini

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Martini glass
Measuring jigger
Mixing glass
Bar spoon


There are approximately 185 calories in one serving of Franklin Dry Martini.
Franklin Dry Martini image

Serve in a

Martini glass


Two olives on stick

How to make:

STIR vermouth with ice and strain to DISCARD excess, leaving the glass and ice-coated with vermouth. POUR gin over vermouth coated ice, STIR and strain into chilled glass.

2 12 fl oz Rutte Dry Gin
12 fl oz Noilly Prat Extra Dry
1 dash Orange bitters

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A Dry Martini named after Franklin Roosevelt and garnished with two olives.


There is considerable debate around the origin of the Martini and the best way to make this drink. Detailed information can be found on our Dry Martini page.

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