Crimbo Cocktail Calendar 13/24

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Day 13 on our Crimbo Cocktail Calendar brings a tasty drink from this praised bar tucked away on a street in Norway, known for their use of local produce and homegrown herbs, and their on-site distillery.

Himkok in Oslo present their Christmas cocktail.


Created by: Bar manager Odd Strandbakken.
Glass: Ceramic cup
Garnish: Dates
Method: Shake and double strain.

40ml Michter’s Bourbon
10ml Cocchi Vermouth Amaro
40ml Dates and Spice*
20ml Orange Juice
10ml Lemon Juice
2 dash Fee Brothers’ Black Walnut Bitters

*Dates and Spice
Bring 500ml of water and 150g of sugar to a simmer. Add 5g cloves and 10g of crushed cinnamon sticks and let it steep for 20min. Strain out the spices and add 200g pitted dates, simmer for 5min and blend thoroughly before straining.

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