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1⅔ fl oz Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior White Rum (37.5%)
fl oz Suco fresco de Limão Siciliano
½ fl oz Chartreuse Jaune (Yellow Chartreuse) Liqueur
½ fl oz Giffard Sirop de Orgeat (Almond) Syrup
1 pitada Sal
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SHAKE all ingredients with ice and strain into chilled glass.


Lemon zest & dried lavender


“This cocktail was inspired by the scents and flavors of ‘Garrigue’ - the French name given to the landscape and vegetation growing around the Mediterranean Sea where Don Facundo Bacardí Masso spent his earliest years.

“The cocktail is a celebration of the Bacardí family's origin and their relentless desire to succeed. I was inspired by their incredible story; just like the ‘Garrigue’, no matter what life threw at them they managed not just to survive, but to thrive.”


Irish BACARDÍ Legacy 2015 winning drink by Karim Mehdi, SABA, Dublin.

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