Expre Coffee Liqueur
Expre Coffee Liqueur

Bepi Tosolini Exprè 'Al Caffè' Coffee Liqueur

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alc./vol: 28%

Proof: 56°

Vintage: Non-vintage

Aged: Unaged

Product of: Product of Italy Italy

Exprè is based on a blend of "Arabica coffee beans, toasted in the traditional artisanal Italian way", infused and then distilled with alcohol. The back of the bottle also declares the ingredients as being "sugar, alcohol, coffee extract (25%) and natural flavours."

Exprè Liqueur is produced by the family owned and run Tosolini Distillery, better known for their excellent 'Most' grappa. The distillery was established by Bepi Tosolini soon after the Second World War and is now run by his three grandchildren Giuseppe, Bruno and the gorgeous Lisa.

The folk at Tosolini know a thing or two about making coffee liqueurs as they made the original (and excellent) Illy Espresso liqueur, the version packaged in the Spiro Radomirovic designed oval, helter-skelter necked bottle.

Review and Tasting

Sampled on 27/10/2015


Clear, but such deep mahogany brown that almost opaque.


Heavily roasted coffee beans and dark high percentage cacao chocolate.


Initially sweet before dry heavily roasted espresso coffee and bitter chocolate flavours quickly balance the richly flavoured palate.


Long lingering dry espresso, mocha coffee and vanilla flavours. Fades with coffee beans.


Dry espresso with more burnt-bitterness and without the sweet chocolate notes of lesser 'easier' coffee liqueurs

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More about Expre Coffee Liqueur

Distillerie Bepi Tosolini

Status: Operational
Established: 1943
Owner: Tosolini Family
Capacity: 45,000 to 50,000 cases per year
Visitor Policy: Visitors by appointment only
Tel: +39 (0)432 664 144
Website: Distillerie Bepi Tosolini
Address: Via della Roggia 20, Povoletto, Provincia di Udine, 33040
Bepi Tosolini Grappa di Moscato image

Bepi Tosolini Grappa di Moscato

A single varietal grappa from Bepi Tosolini, distilled exclusively from the pomace of Moscato grapes.

Bepi Tosolini I Legni Rovere image

Bepi Tosolini I Legni Rovere

Matured in medium roast, first fill, 225 litre Allier French oak casks, this grappa is made from a blend Cabernet, Refosco, Merlot, Friulano and Moscato

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Amaro Tosolini

A Mediterranean styled amaro flavoured with extractions from 15 alpine and Mediterranean herbs, most notably Gentian, hand-peeled fresh bitter orange peel

Bepi Tosolini Fragola image

Bepi Tosolini Fragola

Fragola is made by infusing tiny wild strawberries (fragoline di bosco) in alcohol and strawberry distillate for at least four months. Some 50 or so berries

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Luna Nera, meaning black moon in Italian, is a fittingly dark liquorice liqueur made with liquorice extract (10%) from Italy's Calabria region.

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Flavoured with an infusion of peels from Amalfi yellow summer lemons and green winter lemons from southern Italy.

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This liqueur from Tosolini is flavoured with wild myrtle infused in neutral alcohol for four months.

Bepi Tosolini Prosecco Grappa image

Bepi Tosolini Prosecco Grappa

Added to the Tosolini range in 2015, this grappa is made using local Prosecco (Glera)grape pomace.

Bepi Tosolini Grappa di Merlot image

Bepi Tosolini Grappa di Merlot

A single varietal grappa from Bepi Tosolini, distilled exclusively from the pomace of merlot grapes.

Bepi Tosolini Agricola Grappa Friulana image

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Made with Refosco, Cabernet and Merlot pomace from the Friuli region, Bepi Tosolini distil within 48 hours from pressing to preserve the intense aromas

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Bepi Tosolini Sambuca

Tosolini Sambuca is flavoured with an infusion and distillation of aniseed.

Bepe Tosolini Vecchio 800 image

Bepe Tosolini Vecchio 800

Distilled in steam heated alembic copper stills using full-bodied red wines from grape varieties including Merlot, Cabernet and Refosco, from Italy's Fruili

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To make this delightfully Italian gin, the Tosolini family dusted off an old family recipe and with their distillery being set amongst vineyards rather

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This single varietal grappa from Bepi Tosolini is made with the pomace from Pinot Grigio grapes from Collio and Colli Orientali del Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Bepi Tosolini Castagno Barrique image

Bepi Tosolini Castagno Barrique

A luxury aged grappa distilled from Toaci grappa pomace and aged in Castagno Barriques – barrels made from Chestnut wood. Presented in a decanter-style

Bepi Tosolini Grappa di Chardonnay image

Bepi Tosolini Grappa di Chardonnay

This single-varietal grappa from Bepi Tosolini is distilled from Chardonnay pomace,

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