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An Italian liqueur with an almond-apricot flavour. The flavours of the bitter almond and the apricot marry together well as they are both from the same fruit genus, Prunus. Bitter almonds are the kernels of the Prunus amygdalus amara from which amaretto's slight bitterness comes.

The name amaretto comes from a diminutive of 'amaro', the Italian word for bitter, referencing the bitter almond (mandorla amara) so essential to the balance of a good amaretto. Some say the name means 'a little bitter while others say amaretto is a conflation of amaro (bitter) and amore (Italian for love), perhaps a reference to the fairy-tale story of the creation of DiSaronno, which claims to be the original amaretto.

There are hundreds of brands of amaretto made in Italy with liqueur produces in other countries such as France also producing liqueurs of the same style which they also label amaretto.

Amaretto is a versatile cocktail ingredient and we have over 90 amaretto cocktail recipes here on Difford's Guide.


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