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There are approximately 188 calories in one serving of Day La Vie.

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Serve in an

Old-fashioned glass

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UB Koto Old Fashioned 30cl


Orange zest twist

How to make:

SHAKE all ingredients with ice and fine strain into ice-filled glass (preferably a chunk of block ice).

1 fl oz Bourbon whiskey
1 fl oz Montenegro amaro
2/3 fl oz Suze gentian liqueur
2/3 fl oz Lemon juice (freshly squeezed)

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Juan Meyer's original recipe calls for equal parts: Redemption rye whiskey, Suze, Amaro de Montenegro and lemon juice. It's very tasty but perhaps a tad on the boozy and dry/bitter side for many palates. Hence, we've switched the American whiskey and reduced the proportions of the bitter and sour ingredients to make this a still bittersweet, but more approachable aperitif cocktail.


Adapted from a recipe created in 2017 by Juan Meyer, Norwalk, United States, who told us, "I love paper planes, it's my go to cocktail at any restaurant at any time of day. I also love Suze with its earthy under tones that complement the gentian liqueur, so this is my combination of both."

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