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There are approximately 211 calories in one serving of Explorer 'Martini'.

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Libbey Speakeasy Martini 5.75oz


Luxardo Maraschino cherry

How to make:

STIR all ingredients with ice and strain into ice-filled glass.

1 fl oz Dewar's 12 Year Old Scotch whisky
1 fl oz Disaronno amaretto
1 fl oz Amontillado sherry

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The choice of sherry greatly impacts the Explorer. Made with cream sherry, as per the original recipe, brings out the rich marzipan notes in the amaretto to produce a richer after-dinner cocktail.

In contrast, a fino sherry dries this cocktail to make it more aperitif in style with nutty flavours to the fore.

Amontillado sherry (as in our rendition) amplifies butterscotch and we think is best-served on-the-rocks in an old-fashioned as a late-night tipple. An extremely versatile equal parts recipe to appeal to all palates.


Adapted from a cocktail discovered by a reader in 2019 at Sandals Resort in Barbados where this cocktail is made with Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry rather than amontillado sherry.

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