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Yoghurt liqueur
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Love me flip image

Love me flip

The grated tonka bean adds a vanilla aroma to the surface of this drink.

Banana Smoothie image

Banana Smoothie

Packed with fruit, this creamy banana flavoured shake is 'hardened' with a double measure of vodka.

Blue Lassi image

Blue Lassi

Baby blue creamy yoghurt with vanilla infused vodka, orange liqueur and aromatic rose water.

Creamy Vanilla Colada image

Creamy Vanilla Colada

Creamy yoghurt married with aged rum and richly flavoured with vanilla.

Greek Piña Colada image

Greek Piña Colada

A yoghurt and rum based pineapple and coconut drink, and if your blender is sufficiently powerful, with tiny fragments of pineapple shrapnel.

Pineapple Lassi Cocktail image

Pineapple Lassi Cocktail

Creamy yoghurty cardamom and pineapple laced with vodka.

Raita Cocktail image

Raita Cocktail

Fresh cucumber, mint and yoghurt with a hint of cardamom and cumin spice, laced with vodka.

Raspberry Lassi Cocktail image

Raspberry Lassi Cocktail

Rich creamy vanilla yoghurt with fresh raspberries and raspberry liqueur fortified with vodka.

Raspberry Smoothie image

Raspberry Smoothie

This soft pink, creamy yoghurt drink is loaded with raspberry fruit and laced with vodka.

Rosie Lassi Cocktail image

Rosie Lassi Cocktail

Creamy vanilla yoghurt with floral rose liqueur fortified with vodka.

Strawberry Smoothie (Alcoholic) image

Strawberry Smoothie (Alcoholic)

This radiantly coloured creamy strawberry yoghurt drink is sweetened with honey and 'hardened' with vodka.

Jasmine Lassi Cocktail image

Jasmine Lassi Cocktail

Fragrant cardamom and jasmine cooled with yoghurt and ice. Best consumed with a Madras.

Camaretto Shake image
User submitted

Camaretto Shake

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Allan Brown created this recipe at Mad Mick's Breakaway Cafe in Rotterdam.