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Applejack brandy bottled-in-bond (50% alc./vol)
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Apple Jack (by Sasha Petraske) image

Apple Jack (by Sasha Petraske)

Sweet and sour with rich apple flavours and a brandy backbone.

Jersey Sour image

Jersey Sour

Apple brandy is possibly the best spirit on which to base a sour.

American Trilogy image

American Trilogy

To adhere to the original recipe, you should smash a sugar cube and then painstakingly stir this with bitters into a paste. Life is just too short to faff

Harvest Moon (1930s recipe) image

Harvest Moon (1930s recipe)

Described as being an applejack sour with orgeat, we've adapted the recipe to use commercially available orgeat. If using a more artisan orgeat then you

Pink Lady image

Pink Lady

A generous measure of gin and high proof applejack provide spirituous spice which, along with lemon juice sourness, ensures that although pink this cocktail

Vitamin C Cobbler image

Vitamin C Cobbler

Orange juice is only the second biggest ingredient to sherry so perhaps not as good for you as the name might suggest. However, this is darn sight tastier

A Moment of Silence image

A Moment of Silence

With a whopping 15ml of bitters on top of 15ml amaro (Italian for bitter) and a punchy 45ml high proof rye, this cocktail perhaps would have been better

Applejack Rabbit image

Applejack Rabbit

Apple brandy sweetened by maple syrup, soured by lemon and lengthened with orange.

Saison Highball image

Saison Highball

Brewed and distilled apple combine in this long dry (depending on your cider), very lightly carbonated highball.

Soixante-Quinze (Washington Herald 1915 recipe) image

Soixante-Quinze (Washington Herald 1915 recipe)

This 1915 recipe, originally of equal parts gin, applejack and grenadine (1/3 of each to 1/6 lemon juice) makes this Seventy-Five a tad on the sweet side

Washington's Applejack Mule image

Washington's Applejack Mule

Take a Moscow Mule and make with apple brandy in place of vodka and you've a Washington's Applejack Mule. Tasty – arguably tastier than a Moscow Mule.

Circus Ring image
User submitted

Circus Ring

Not yet rated

My first cocktail creation. After realizing dry sherry and St. Germain pair well together, I decided to turn them into something bigger.

Lady Laird image
User submitted

Lady Laird

Not yet rated

From Laird & Company's own recipe suggestions

Michael Carper's Pink Lady image
User submitted

Michael Carper's Pink Lady

Not yet rated

SHAKE all ingredients with ice and strain back into shaker. DRY SHAKE (without ice) and fine strain into chilled glass.

Moon Baboon image
User submitted

Moon Baboon

Not yet rated

Measure ginger beer to taste. Use a strong, strong ginger beer, like Cock & Bull.

Sideways in Reverse image
User submitted

Sideways in Reverse

Created at Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co, Philadelphia, USA.

Spiced Old Fashioned image
User submitted

Spiced Old Fashioned

Not yet rated

Like a regular OF

White apple negroni image
User submitted

White apple negroni

Not yet rated

Floral, bittersweet, very slight smokiness and, of course, apple