Rum - Black (& dark) rum cocktails

Words by Simon Difford

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Black (or sometimes “dark”) rums are molasses-based blended rums that are deep brown, virtually black, in colour due to the addition of caramel and/or molasses. They tend to be medium to full-bodied so work well in drinks containing spices and other ingredients that would overwhelm more subdued rums.

If you have a bottle of black rum then we recommend using it to make the following cocktails.

ency 87 image
Bella Donna Daiquiri
With: Black rum, amaretto liqueur, lemon juice, sugar syrup and chilled water.
We say: Back in 2003, this was the hit cocktail for Difford's Guide staff at the Bellagio, Las Vegas, after working at the Nightclub & Bar Beverage Convention. Try one and see why.

ency 61 imageBermuda Rum Swizzle
With: Gold rum, black rum, falernum, pineapple juice, orange juice, grapefruit juice, lime juice, lemon juice and Angostura aromatic bitters.
We say: Your five-a-day fruits in a glass, laced with pungent rums and spice infused sweet Falernum.

ency 15 imageBlack Daiquiri
With: Black rum, lime juice, grapefruit juice and sugar syrup.
We say: More golden than black in appearance, this Daquiri takes its name from the black rum (well dark brown rum) it’s made from. Pungent rum notes sit well with zingy citrus.

ency 80 imageBlack Rumhattan
With: Black rum, sweet vermouth and Angostura aromatic bitters.
We say: Dark rum adds molasses-like flavours to this Manhattan riff.

ency 70 imageBlack Rum Swizzle
With: Black rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, falernum and Angostura aromatic bitters.
We say: Dark rum adds depth of flavour to this fruity and refreshing cocktail.

ency 50 imageBlack Strap
With: Black rum, Benedictine, cacao liqueur and hot pepper sauce.
We say: This drink benefits from the dilution, which comes with a lengthy stir.

ency 23 imageDark ‘n’ Stormy (Difford’s recipe)
With: Black rum, lime juice, sugar syrup, Angostura aromatic bitters and ginger beer.
We say: A Daiquiri made with pungent dark rum, topped and made refreshing with spicy ginger beer. Part of the Mule family - but is distinctive due to the strong flavour of the dark rum.

ency 92 imageDino Sour
With: White rum, black rum, lemon juice, sugar syrup and egg white.
We say: Two diverse rums combine brilliantly in this classic sour.

ency 63 imageLost Plane
With: Black rum, Aperol, amaro and lemon juice.
We say: Amaro’s distinctive flavours shine through alongside the dark rum in this aperitivo cocktail.

ency 46 imageRanglum
With: Black rum, white rum, falernum and lime juice.
We say: Estery rum notes predominate with zesty lime and faint sweet clove spice. A Tiki-style drink for a full-on sunny afternoon or to lift a dull winter's day.

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