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Licor de quinina Ferro China Baliva
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Ferrobaldi Cocktail image

Ferrobaldi Cocktail

This riff on the classic Garibaldi is a great brunch drink. Why take vitamin c and iron supplement with your breakfast when you can sip on a couple of

Iron Negroni image

Iron Negroni

Black in colour and with a flavour that's recognisably part of the Negroni family but with a flat Coke-like smoothness that makes a classic Negroni taste

Grassoide Ferro Cocktail image

Grassoide Ferro Cocktail

This simple but brilliantly complex aperitivo-cum-digestivo cocktail dates from the 1930s when it and most other cocktails were shaken. Don't allow the

The Haiti Cocktail image

The Haiti Cocktail

This vintage aperitivo is lightly bitter and wonderfully complex with distinctive Ferro China, vermouth and Demerara rum favours.

Via Roma image

Via Roma

This aperitivo cocktail will appeal to lovers of Italian amari.

Iron & Sand Cocktail image

Iron & Sand Cocktail

This dark bittersweet aperitivo also works well when served on-the-rocks in an old-fashioned glass. A riff on the classic Blood & Sand is made distinctive

Rusty Peach Cocktail image

Rusty Peach Cocktail

A dark, delicately bittersweet and light in alcohol aperitif cocktail.

Iron Clad Old Fashioned image

Iron Clad Old Fashioned

Spirituous with apple brandy leading a trio of aromatic cachaça, herbal Bénédictine and bittersweet Ferro China.

Efficacious image


Take one per day in the hope it will aid your health, wealth and happiness. OK, its efficacious effect is most likely to benefit the latter at a cost to

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