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Serve in

a Highball glass...
fl oz Campari Bitter
1/12 fl oz Giffard Sugar Cane Syrup
4 fl oz Freshly squeezed orange juice
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Squeeze orange juice using pillar or elbow press and fine strain to remove any flesh. Then blend the freshly squeezed juice at high speed (without ice) to make “fluffy”. Pour Campari, sugar syrup and half of the orange juice into glass over 2 cubes of ice and STIR. Fill glass with more ice (3 cubes) and fill with rest of fluffy orange juice.


Orange wedge rested across rim


A fabulous brunch cocktail.

How you squeeze (and blend) your oranges is key to achieving the "fluffy" orange juice that makes this drink special. At New York City's Dante they famously use a high-speed juicer which aerates the juice. Alternatively, juicing with a pillar or elbow press adds bitter zesty oils from the skin to the juice, hence our use of a smidgen of sugar syrup to balance.


Named after the famous revolutionary general who helped liberate and reunify Italy, the Garibaldi appears on cocktail lists throughout Italy. This little known classic was brilliantly revitalised by Naren Young with the re-launch of New York City’s Dante in October 2015.


There are approximately 38 calories in one serving of Garibaldi.

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Sugar syrup (2:1)

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