Harvest Moon Cocktail (PTD's recipe)

Harvest Moon Cocktail (PTD's recipe) image

How to make:

STIR all ingredients with ice and strain into ice-filled glass.


Coin-shaped and sized orange zest twist


Stirred down and boozy – very boozy, especially when made with bonded rye and applejack (as per the original recipe), rather than the comparatively subdued calvados we’ve used here. However, the drinks apple notes coupled with the subtle herbal complexity of Chartreuse combine wonderfully in this potent rye whisky based after dinner sipper.


Created in 2007 by Daniel Eun at PTD, New York City, USA. Daniels’ original recipe, as recounted in Jim Meehan’s 2001 The PDT Cocktail Book, uses Wild Turkey rye whisky and calls for the drink to be served straight-up in a coupe rather than on-the-rocks. However, we prefer with the added dilution from serving over ice. In the book, Jim writes, “This drink looks like the sky during the harvest moon – when reddish-orange moon (the orange twist) rises after sunset.

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