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There are approximately 230 calories in one serving of Flying Grasshopper.

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Serve in a

Coupe glass


Powdered sugar & chocolate powder rim, plus float tip of mint sprig

How to make:

SHAKE all ingredients with ice and fine strain into chilled glass.

3/4 fl oz Ketel One Vodka
3/4 fl oz Dutch White Crème de Cacao
3/4 fl oz Giffard Peppermint Pastille crème de menthe
1 fl oz Single cream / half-and-half

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Why drink a mere Grasshopper when you could be enjoying a Flying Grasshopper? This creamy after-dinner cocktail is all the better for the splash of vodka, indeed it's arguably better with a splash more vodka. Minty fresh with indulgent chocolate - reminiscent of a choc mint ice-cream.


A 1970s or earlier more alcoholic riff on the Grasshopper cocktail. Some, including Stan Jones' 1977 Jones' Complete Bar Guide omit the cream: 1 vodka, ¾ green crème de menthe and ¾ white creme de cacao to make a clear emerald green cocktail.

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