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Whiskey barrel aged bitters
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New York Minute image

New York Minute

Honeyed tequila and aromatic maraschino with complex herbal vinous notes.

Conan Doyle image

Conan Doyle

A literary riff on a Corn'n'Oil - elementary but tasty.

De Beauvoir image

De Beauvoir

Richly flavoured and lusciously bittersweet with rye whiskey, bitter porter and sour lemon juice balancing hazelnut liqueur and brown sugar.

Perfect Summit Manhattan image

Perfect Summit Manhattan

A riff on a Dry Manhattan given extra depth by the addition of dessert wine and whiskey bitters.

Fat Godfather image

Fat Godfather

Created in 2016 by yours truly at the Cabinet Room, London, England for Disaronno's Mixing Star project.

Nessie cocktail image

Nessie cocktail

A Rob Roy (Scotch Manhattan) with nocello walnut liqueur and Pedro Ximénez sherry.

Prospector image


Complex and strong with all three ingredients balancing and enhancing each other.

Réveillon Cocktail image

Réveillon Cocktail

Bittersweet and spicy with underlying warming apple spirit. Originally designed to be served straight-up in a Nick & Nora glass, we think it's better suited

Legend Reviver image

Legend Reviver

This slightly rich cocktail makes for a good after-dinner drink.

Meryl Lynchburg image

Meryl Lynchburg

A long refreshing 'sugar' free whiskey iced tea-style drink.

New York, New York image

New York, New York

A subtly apple influenced Sweet Manhattan from the Big Apple.

Vieux Navine image

Vieux Navine

An apple spirit influenced Sweet Manhattan-style cocktail.

Club Ondersteboven image
User submitted

Club Ondersteboven

Not yet rated

Smoky saffron martini with rich malt taste and marasca cherries The recipe is so perfect that anyone could make it,literally

The Modern Whisky Sour image
User submitted

The Modern Whisky Sour

Not yet rated

replace - the Whisky Barrel Aged Bitters with with - The Apothecary: Mystic Caravan - Smokey Pear Bitters