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Parfait amour liqueur
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Takumi's Aviation image

Takumi's Aviation

A wonderfully aromatic flower-powered Aviation. Sweeter than some Aviation renditions, including my own Aviation and if, like me, you like yours a tad

Love Heart image

Love Heart

This lavender pink drink is everything you (or your partner) might want for a Valentine's tipple. It is the right colour, includes parfait amour liqueur

Royal Daiquiri image

Royal Daiquiri

Adapted from a recipe created circa 1950s by Don The Beachcomber.

Stardust image


A riff on a Royal Daiquiri with lemon juice in place of lime.

Blue Paradise image

Blue Paradise

This is one of those cocktails where the bitter and aromatic oils from the lemon zest twist is crucial to the balance and overall success of the cocktail.

Brazen Martini image

Brazen Martini

Not for the faint hearted - a great combination of grassy bison vodka with violet Parfait Amour.

Chanteloup Champagne Flip image

Chanteloup Champagne Flip

Complex and dry with faint rich raisiny sherry and floral notes.

English Rose image

English Rose

A dry, complex, gin laced drink. Stir well.

Jupiter Martini image

Jupiter Martini

Bone dry and aromatic, this drink's colour is the grey hue of an overcast sky.

Lavender Martini image

Lavender Martini

Infusing lavender in liquor tends to make it bitter but the Parfait Amour adds sweetness as well as flavour and colour.

Mirror Match image

Mirror Match

Boozy and floral with a hint of sweetness to smooth and harmonise, this after-dinner cocktail, originally served straight-up in a coupe (as presented here)

Purple Cosmo image

Purple Cosmo

If shaken this becomes more of a grey cosmo. The flavour and colour make for an interesting twist.

Trilby No.1 image

Trilby No.1

Whisky and sweet vermouth are a commonplace and harmonious pairing, here with floral notes from parfait amour, aromatised and toned by absinthe and orange

Eden Cocktail image

Eden Cocktail

Rich purple in colour with rose, vanilla, almond, citrus and gin.

Esquire #2 image

Esquire #2

Spirit (vodka) forward and floral with notes of berry fruit.

Fruit Pastel image

Fruit Pastel

Tastes distinctly like a Fruit Pastille sweet.

Rajamäki Cocktail image

Rajamäki Cocktail

Created after a visit to the Rajamäki distillery in Finland.

Barnacle Bill image

Barnacle Bill

This sweet drink is best enjoyed after a meal on a warm night.

Blue Angel image

Blue Angel

This baby blue cocktail is sweet, creamy and faintly floral.

Joan Bennett image

Joan Bennett

Fruity, floral and slightly sweet with an unfortunate yellow-green colour.