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Long Island Spiced Tea image

Long Island Spiced Tea

A contemporary spicy twist on the American classic Long Island Iced Tea.

Mezcal Fruit Cup (Diffords No.8 Cup) image

Mezcal Fruit Cup (Diffords No.8 Cup)

While some struggle to appreciate mezcal- its robust, slightly smoky character adds depth and complexity to this delicious summery cocktail.

Vodka Fruit Cup (Difford's Cup No.6) image

Vodka Fruit Cup (Difford's Cup No.6)

Vodka's clean neutrality allows the fruity flavours in this summery cocktail to shine. Of the original line-up of seven different Pimm's spirit bases,

Rocky Mountain Rootbeer image

Rocky Mountain Rootbeer

Does indeed taste reminiscent of alcoholic root beer.

Cachaça Fruit Cup (Difford's Cup No.10) image

Cachaça Fruit Cup (Difford's Cup No.10)

A fruit cup is just not as fruity when made with any other spirit – yes cachaça is distilled from fermented sugar cane juice rather than fruit, but

Colorado Bulldog image

Colorado Bulldog

This dog's bite is hidden by cream.

Calvados Fruit Cup (Difford's Cup No.13) image

Calvados Fruit Cup (Difford's Cup No.13)

The crisp dry apple freshness that calvados brings to this fruity long drink makes it one of the best base spirits in a fruit cup.

Tennessee Iced Tea image

Tennessee Iced Tea

Whiskey and cola with extra interest courtesy of several other spirits and lemon juice.

Aged Rum Fruit Cup (Difford's Cup No.14) image

Aged Rum Fruit Cup (Difford's Cup No.14)

Aged rum's sweet notes add a richness to this flavoursome fruit punch, seemingly adding tropical fruitiness.

Blackbeard image


Something of a student drink, this tastes better than it sounds.

Tennessee Whiskey Fruit Cup (Difford's Cup No.17) image

Tennessee Whiskey Fruit Cup (Difford's Cup No.17)

Arguably, when numbering my fruit cups, I left the best till last. (I skipped number 16 because the number 7 so befits a Tennessee whiskey-based cocktail).

Tokyo Tea image

Tokyo Tea

Light, floral and, due to the tannins in the jasmine tea, refreshingly dry.

Long Island Iced Tea (no added sugar* & low-calorie) image

Long Island Iced Tea (no added sugar* & low-calorie)

* BEWARE: Although free of cane sugar and beet sugar, this cocktail contains small amounts of fructose sugars from the agave nectar used in the Agave Sec

Batanga image


Basically a Cuba Libre made with tequila in place of rum and an all-important pinch of salt.

Beautiful Beth image

Beautiful Beth

We were recommended this cocktail with the comment that it tastes like an alcoholic cola cube sweet. It does.

Cubata image


Hard to hate but the cola and lime dominate the subtle gin flavours.

Smoky Cokey image

Smoky Cokey

Just as it says on the tin – a smoky malt and cola. This simple but delicious drink perhaps doesn't need bitters or even a twist but it's better with

Attitude Adjuster image

Attitude Adjuster

Sip through orange and coffee liqueur to a gin-laced orange cola drink.

Jack in Black image

Jack in Black

Tennessee is rich in musical heritage with Nashville often referred to as music city. Jack in Black is a tribute to the Man in black himself: Johnny Cash,

Assisted Suicide image

Assisted Suicide

Not for the faint-hearted.

Bartender's Root Beer image

Bartender's Root Beer

Not quite the root of all evil, but tasty all the same.

Caravan image


A punch-like long drink.

Piscola image


'Brandy' and cola with a hint of Angostura bitters. Try and see why the Chileans enjoy it.

Tequila Fruit Cup (Difford's Cup No.7) image

Tequila Fruit Cup (Difford's Cup No.7)

Despite being in a relatively small proportion to all the other ingredients in this summery cocktail, tequila's distinctive notes shine through in the

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