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Delmarva Cocktail No.2 image

Delmarva Cocktail No.2

Bourbon's distinctive character shines through but is softened and flavoured by cacao and a hint of citrus.

Peruvian Elder Sour image

Peruvian Elder Sour

This tasty sour combines the aromatics of pisco and elderflower in an intriguing variation on the Margarita. Consider smoothing with fresh egg white.

Rosita image


Bittersweet, tequila-based, and Negroni-like. Classically garnished with a lemon zest twist but better with grapefruit.

Satan's Whiskers (Enroulée) image

Satan's Whiskers (Enroulée)

Enroulée is the French word for 'curled' and this version of the classic Satan's Whiskers is curled by the use of mandarine liqueur in place of the Grand

Islander image


Vermouth-based and bittersweet with anise and fennel. Depending on your scotch, also faint smokiness.

Moonlight Cocktail (Gaz Regan's) image

Moonlight Cocktail (Gaz Regan's)

Basically an Aviation but with triple sec in place of maraschino and lime instead of lemon juice. Gaz used lime juice because he didn't have any lemons

Noblesse image


A light, sweet and sour, herbal and fruity aperitif cocktail.

La Tour Eiffel image

La Tour Eiffel

Bittersweet cognac-influenced palate with lingering flavours of liquorice root, honey, pine and eucalyptus from the Suze.

Ginger Snap image

Ginger Snap

This balanced Gin Collins is sweetened by ginger and orange liqueurs.

Dubliner Cocktail image

Dubliner Cocktail

A Manhattan variation calling for Irish whiskey instead of bourbon or rye, mixed with equal parts sweet vermouth, orange liqueur and a dash of orange bitters

The Horseshoe Sling image

The Horseshoe Sling

Like its creator, this is upfront and refreshingly different.

Hypnotic Margarita image

Hypnotic Margarita

Liqueurs combine harmoniously with lime and tequila in this tangy, fruity Margarita. However, I remain unconvinced by Hpnotiq.

Valentino image


A variation on the Negroni. More gin and less liqueur make for an unusual bittersweet Martini.

James Joyce image

James Joyce

A riff on a Oriental, mellowed by the use of Irish whiskey in place of American rye whiskey.

Debonair image


Rich and indeed sophisticated, this Scotch-based drink has a zing of ginger spice with a zest of citrus from the garnish.

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