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Kina aromatised wine
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Barney Barnato Cocktail image

Barney Barnato Cocktail

Dry, with bittersweet undertones, and aromatic. We've tried this recipe with modern-day Caperitif but prefer the above blend of two aperitif wines in its

Jabberwock image


Mouth-puckeringly dry this is a great aperitivo with quinine, fino sherry, gin botanicals and citrus all singing harmoniously.

Sunray image


Citrusy, bourbon-laced and gently bittersweet with fresh zippy rich orange.

Vesper Dry Martini image

Vesper Dry Martini

Many bartenders advocate that a Martini should be stirred and not shaken, some citing the ridiculous statement that shaking will bruise the gin. If you

Charlie Lindbergh Cocktail image

Charlie Lindbergh Cocktail

Gin-laced with zesty citrus and rich apricot but made special and balanced by subtle quinine bitterness.

Reverse Vesper Martini image

Reverse Vesper Martini

More a subtly fortified wine than a true three and under the guest Martini but delightfully so with sherry-like wine notes and faint botanical influences.

Reversed Vesper & Tonic 'Martini' image

Reversed Vesper & Tonic 'Martini'

Bittersweet and Martini in style but with the hard edges smoothed and a hint of eastern spice added. Perhaps more a digestivo than an aperitivo.

Morningside image


Not yet rated

Created by Shaun Stewart, The elk room, Baltimore city, USA.

Repsev Dry Martini image
User submitted

Repsev Dry Martini

Not yet rated

The photo, taken at a Casino Royale-themed party in the actual bar from the first Casino Royale movie shows my previous preference for Finlandia Vodka...

Stephan's Vesper Dry Martini image
User submitted

Stephan's Vesper Dry Martini

Not yet rated

With Lillet only the Cocktail misses some bitterness and, in my opinion even more important, also spicyness. Most aromatised wines are more on the fruity

Wyndham's Reverse Vesper Martini image
User submitted

Wyndham's Reverse Vesper Martini

Not yet rated

changed proportion of Kina/lillet 2:4