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Ημέρα μπύρας στην Ισλανδία image
1st March

Ημέρα μπύρας στην Ισλανδία

Σήμερα είναι η Εθνική Ημέρα Μπύρας για την Ισλανδία ωστόσο αποτελεί μια εξίσου σημαντική

Τα γενέθλια του Lou Reed image
2nd March

Τα γενέθλια του Lou Reed

Ο Lou Reed, ένας από τους σημαντικότερους θρύλους της ροκ, γεννήθηκε σαν σήμερα το 1942 στο

Επέτειος για το περιοδικό Time image
3rd March

Επέτειος για το περιοδικό Time

Το μεγαλύτερο σε κυκλοφορία εβδομαδιαίο περιοδικό τυου κόσμου, το Time, δημιουργήθηκε

The US Constitution became law on this day image
4th March

The US Constitution became law on this day

March 4th, or March Forth, is a day like no other. Not just a clever play on words, March Forth is a call to action. It's a day to push yourself forward,

Γιορτάζει το Αψέντι! image
5th March

Γιορτάζει το Αψέντι!

Absinthe has long been the drink of choice for artists, poets, writers and painters so its being awarded a day is fitting.

Aspirin was discovered on this day image
6th March

Aspirin was discovered on this day

Headaches are, we're sad to say, an occupational hazard for the dedicated cocktail lover. So praise the lord for Felix Hoffmann, a genius pharmacist who

 Happy Birthday Corn Flakes! image
7th March

Happy Birthday Corn Flakes!

On this day in 1897, Doctor John Kellogg, a Seventh Day Adventist, served the world's first cornflakes to patients at his Michigan sanitarium, as part

International Women's Day image
8th March

International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day, an excuse, if ever one was needed, to propose a toast to women around the world.

National Meatball Day image
9th March

National Meatball Day

IKEA is for many, more about its meatballs than flatpack furniture and the Swedish chain sells a staggering one billion meatballs every year. Perhaps it

Bell gave Watson a bell today image
10th March

Bell gave Watson a bell today

On this day in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell made a phone call - the world's first. His imaginative words? Mr. Watson, come here! I want to see you.

Britain's first daily newspaper was published this day image
11th March

Britain's first daily newspaper was published this day

In 1702, in a room above Fleet Street's White Hart pub in London, Edward Mallet launched The Daily Courant, England's first regular daily newspaper.

The Internet's birthday image
12th March

The Internet's birthday

London-born computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee sent out a memo entitled WorldWide Web: Proposal for a HyperText Project on this day in 1989. In it, he

Riesling's Birthday image
13th March

Riesling's Birthday

Riesling, a grape variety that's maligned by some but celebrated by those in the know, celebrates its birthday today.

Potato Chip Day / Crisps Day image
14th March

Potato Chip Day / Crisps Day

Ahoy there, salty snack enthusiasts! It's that time of the year when we celebrate crunchy, crispy, and utterly delicious potato chips, or 'crisps' as we

Espresso Martini Day image
15th March

Espresso Martini Day

Somebody somewhere has ordained March 15th Espresso Martini Day but we suspect this date was chosen due to its previous lack of notable celebrations calling

International Ti' Punch Day image
16th March

International Ti' Punch Day

Ti' Punch Day was established in 2022 by the folk at Rhum Clément, the leading brand of rhum agricole, the essential ingredient to a Ti' Punch. So popular

Saint Patrick's Day image
17th March

Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's Day is as good an excuse as any to drink Irish whisky and stout, dress in green, listen to Irish folk music and generally celebrate the

National Sloppy Joe Day image
18th March

National Sloppy Joe Day

Ah, National Sloppy Joe Day, that magical day when our American friends celebrate the wonder that is the sloppy joe. For those unfamiliar with this culinary

National Chocolate Caramel Day image
19th March

National Chocolate Caramel Day

There can't be enough chocolate-themed national days in a year, so here's another one. Is there a more perfect duo than chocolate and caramel?

Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere image
20th March

Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere

Spring is here! The daffodils are out, it's light when we leave the office and we're beginning to wean ourselves off hot-soup and onto summer salads.

World Vermouth Day image
21st March

World Vermouth Day

Created by Giancarlo Mancino, the man behind Mancino Vermouth and celebrated annually on the 21st of March, World Vermouth Day is a day to celebrate vermouth

World Water Day image
22nd March

World Water Day

Water is the most abundant compound on the earth's surface, covering 70% of our planet. Yet almost a billion human beings live without access to clean

Melba Toast Day image
23rd March

Melba Toast Day

Melba toast, a beloved snack that has been enjoyed for over a century. To celebrate this delicious food, March 23rd is observed as Melba Toast Day. This

Cocktail Day image
24th March

Cocktail Day

Today has been pronounced National Cocktail Day in America, so by extension for the rest of us, it is simply Cocktail Day. It's worth remembering that

Greek Independence Day image
25th March

Greek Independence Day

Greek Independence Day, also known as Greek National Day, is celebrated annually on March 25th to commemorate the beginning of the Greek War of Independence

It's Spinach Day image
26th March

It's Spinach Day

Popeye the Sailor Man has derived his superhero strength from eating spinach since 1932. He's onto something! The health benefits of spinach, whether fresh,

Paella Day image
27th March

Paella Day

The Spanish celebrate International Paella Day every September 20th to coincide with the rice harvest. However, our American friends celebrate, Spanish

Black Forest Gâteau Day image
28th March

Black Forest Gâteau Day

Established in America as National Black Forest Cake Day, as that's what this indulgent dessert is called in America. Whether Cake or Gâteau, this is

World Piano Day image
29th March

World Piano Day

Classical pianos have 88 keys (52 white keys and 36 black), hence World Piano Day falls on the 88th day of the year – the 29th of March (unless it's

Doctor's Day image
30th March

Doctor's Day

Doctor's Day is here to show appreciation for all the doctors, past and present who work tirelessly every day to help us when we need it most and raise

Et Voilà! La Tour Eiffel! image
31st March

Et Voilà! La Tour Eiffel!

On this very day back in 1889, the Eiffel Tower was inaugurated (it was opened on 6 May). It was then the tallest building in the world ... until the Chrysler

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