Crimbo Cocktail Calendar 20/24

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It's Day 20 on our 24 day countdown to Christmas! Today's Crimbo cocktail on the calendar is made at this award-winning bar in São Paulo.

Frank Bar in Brazil present their Christmas cocktail.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Created by: Spencer Amereno Jr.
Method: Shake well with ice cubes for around 4s. Fine strain into a glass with ice chip and add foam

1 ½ oz (45 ml) sherry Brandy Fernando de Castilla infused with apricot, raisins and tonka beans
¾ oz (22.5 ml) Cocchi
2 bsp Navel orange marmalade
½ oz (15 ml) lemon juice
Disaronno Originale foam

Difford’s Guide Crimbo Cocktail Calendar

1st December - Dead Rabbit's Crimbo cocktail
2nd December - Operation Dagger's Crimbo cocktail
3rd December - The Clumsies' Crimbo cocktail
4th December - Le Syndicat's Crimbo cocktail
5th December - American Bar's Crimbo cocktail
6th December - The Connaught Bar's Crimbo cocktail
7th December - Flying Dutchmen Cocktails' Crimbo cocktail
8th December - The Gibson's Crimbo cocktail
9th December - Charles H. Crimbo cocktail
10th December - Last Word Saloon Crimbo cocktail
11th December - Atlas' Crimbo cocktail
12th December - NoMad's Crimbo cocktail
13th December - Himkok's Crimbo cocktail
14th December - The Old Man's Crimbo cocktail
15th December - Lost + Found's Crimbo cocktail
16th December - Floreria Atlantico's Crimbo cocktail
17th December - Sub Astor's Crimbo cocktail
18th December - Guilhotina's Crimbo cocktail
19th December - Punch Room's Crimbo cocktail

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