Crimbo Cocktail Calendar 22/24

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It's the 22nd day of our Crimbo Cocktail Calendar, and today's tasty drink comes from this acclaimed bar in London.

Three Sheets in London present their Christmas cocktail.

Scottish Coffee

Created by: The Three Sheets bar team
Method: Shake and float shortbread cream.

20ml Buttered Monkey Shoulder
15ml Sugar Syrup
10ml Coffee Liqueur
Pinch Salt
125ml Brewed Coffee
Floated Shortbread Cream

Buttered Scotch: 125g of butter melted in a pan , and browned a little. Then poured into a bottle of monkey shoulder and frozen. strain through a coffee filter and bottle.

Shortbread Cream: Blend 100g of shortbread into 200ml of whole milk and pass through fine sieve. Then mix with 300ml of double cream and whisk lightly until it folds.

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