Watermelon cocktails

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Watermelon cocktails shout summer and you can enjoy the succulent flavour of watermelon without all the faff of chopping up football-sized fruit by using a watermelon liqueur or syrup loaded with juicy flavour in concentrated bottled form.

Watermelon liqueur cocktails

Watermelon liqueurs and watermelon-flavoured sugar syrups can be used as an alternative to fresh fruit or to bolster the flavour of fresh watermelon in a cocktail.

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Ripe Red Slice
With: Light white rum, bianco vermouth, De Kuyper Watermelon liqueur and Campari.
We say: It's not only fruity, it's ripe! But not everything that's ripe is sweet!

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Watermelon Martini
With: Vodka, De Kuyper Watermelon liqueur and dry vermouth.
We say: Watermelon fruit shines in this medium-dry Vodka Martini.

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Summer of Matador
With: Blanco tequila, De Kuyper Watermelon liqueur, pineapple juice, lime juice and agave syrup.
We say: Watermelon, lime and pineapple combine harmoniously in this very fruity, tequila-laced sour.

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Watermelon Fizz
With: Vodka, De Kuyper Watermelon liqueur, lime juice and lemon-lime soda.
We say: Tastes as refreshing as it looks. Ripe vodka-laced watermelon, fresh lime and a splash of invigorating lemon-lime soda.

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Summer Sour
With: Vodka, De Kuyper Watermelon liqueur, lemon juice, lime juice, sugar syrup and egg white.
We say: A distinctly summery, watermelon-flavoured vodka sour.

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Watermelon Man
With: Vodka, De Kuyper Watermelon liqueur, lime juice, watermelon syrup and lemon-lime soda.
We say: Sweet and far from sophisticated.

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Watermelon Margarita No.2
With: Blanco tequila, De Kuyper Watermelon liqueur, lime juice, agave syrup and pinch salt.
We say: Just as the name promises, a watermelon-flavoured margarita.

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Fruity Fruit Salad
With: Fresh green grapes, strawberry vodka, De Kuyper Watermelon liqueur, poire william eau de vie and orange bitters.
We say: Bright red and very fruity.

Cocktails with fresh watermelon

Botanically unrelated to other melons, watermelons are native to Africa. The fruit was eaten in Egypt well before 2000 BC and taken to the US by slave traders in the early 17th century. The juice is more refreshing than flavoursome, with a faint sweetness; the seeds, usually discarded, are nonetheless edible.

To use in cocktails, watermelons are best muddled and then shaken. Cut chunks of flesh from a segment, taking care to avoid the rind, and muddle in a shaker. Be sure to fine strain the drink to exclude the seeds.

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Watermelon Fruitini
With: Watermelon, vodka and sugar syrup.
We say: So fruity, you could almost convince yourself this is a health drink.

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Watermelon Caipirinha
With: Lime, sugar, watermelon and cachaça.
We say: Melon flavours are very subtle in this delicious Caipirinha.

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Agua De Cuba
With: Watermelon, light rum, falernum liqueur and lemon juice.
We say: A light summery rum-based drink with fresh watermelon and subtle clove spice.

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With: Light rum, maple strup, watermelon, pineapple, lemon juice and pilsner beer.
We say:Who'd have thought watermelon, pineapple, beer, rum and maple syrup would work so well together.

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Miami Martini
With: Watermelon, vodka, Italian red bitter liqueur, lemon juice, sugar syrup and orange bitters.
We say: Light and refreshing but with delicate bitter complexity.

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Watermelon & Basil Cocktail
With: Watermelon, basil leaves, dry gin and sugar syrup.
We say: Refreshing watermelon with interesting herbal hints from the basil and gin.

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Watermelon & Basil Smash
With: Watermelon, basil leaves, tequila, limoncello and ginger ale.
We say: Sweet and sour, long and refreshing with subtle hints of basil, ginger and tequila amongst the fruitiness.

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Watermelon Margarita
With: Watermelon, tequila, lime juice, watermelon syrup and salt.
We say: Just as it says on the tin – this is a very fruity Margarita.

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Watermelon Cosmo
With: Watermelon, citrus vodka, lime juice, cranberry juice, lime cordial, watermelon liqueur and orange bitters.
We say: Resembles a classic Cosmo but tastes like the name suggests.

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