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Madame Lily

Madame Lily image

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Taça Flute...
fl oz La Fée Parisienne Absinthe Superieure
¼ fresco Maçã (fatiada)
fl oz Giffard Sugar Cane Syrup (Sirop Sucre de Canne)
fl oz Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior White Rum (37.5%)
¾ fl oz Berneroy Fine Calvados
¾ fl oz Suco fresco de Limão
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Como fazer:

RINSE glass with absinthe and set aside. MUDDLE apple and sugar syrup in base of shaker. Add rum, calvados and lime juice, SHAKE with ice and fine strain into absinthe rinsed chilled glass.


Lime zest twist & edible white flower


Best described as being an absinthe influenced Apple Daiquiri, and very good it is too.


Created for Bacardí Legacy 2017 by Noam Sharet at A23 Local Blend, Tel Aviv, Israel. Noma’s original recipe calls for 22.5 ml (3/4oz) simple (1:1) sugar syrup. We swapped for richer 2:1 and we also found adding a dash or two of absinthe works well in place of absinth rinsing.

Inspiration: “Growing up in a small village at the north of Israel, I always felt connected to nature, so when I started to create my legacy cocktail I was immediately attracted to the nature of Cuba. I found out about the white Mariposa - the national flower of Cuba - and that became the inspiration for my cocktail.”

“I was trying to create a cocktail that would have an amazing aroma, just like the Mariposa flower, known for its special fragrance. Since it is common to find the flower at important events such as weddings or religious holidays, I was also trying to create a cocktail that embodies royalty and festivity.”

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