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Licor Crème de Cassis
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Bitter Jean image

Bitter Jean

Scotch malt whisky, and particularly Islay single malt, balance and work brilliantly with rich crème de cassis and full-bodied vermouth, helped by a generous

Original Tequila Sunrise image

Original Tequila Sunrise

Tequila notes shine with delicate berry fruit (and depending on your ingredients subtle vanilla) in this delicious 1930's version of the Sunrise.

Russian Spring Punch image

Russian Spring Punch

Well-balanced, complex and refreshing.

My Boy Blue image

My Boy Blue

A tequila lime sour sweetened with rich blackcurrant liqueur and subtle white chocolate-like cacao.

Ostend Fizz Royale image

Ostend Fizz Royale

As Jason, the reader who created this sent us this recipe says, A champagne charged riff on the classic Ostend Fizz this is a good alternative to a Kir

Ciro's Special image

Ciro's Special

Characterful dark rum and huge fruity components sit harmoniously in this rum daisy.

The Jackal image

The Jackal

An expressive riff on an Old Fashioned with a hit of spiced popcorn, served straight-up.

Kir Apéritif image

Kir Apéritif

Traditionally made 1/3 cassis to 2/3 wine, that's too sweet for most modern palates. We recommend a ratio of one part cassis to between five and seven

Chimayo image


I used to make this cocktail with reposado tequila, but it's cleaner and better with blanco tequila. Either way, cassis and apple juice mellow tequila.

Fogerty image


Boozy and bittersweet but with a balance that makes another sip compelling.

Honey Cobbler image

Honey Cobbler

Dry wine tannins and smoky scotch balance rich honey and blackcurrant liqueur.

Perfect Regent image

Perfect Regent

Fruity and easy, perhaps not what you would expect.

Gasoline image


Rich blackcurrant fruit balanced by dry vermouth and the flavoursome spirituous notes of gin and kirschwasser. Don't be tempted to stir this cocktail,

Mexican El Diablo image

Mexican El Diablo

Mezcal's assertive flavours stand up well, indeed sit in harmony with richly flavoured blackcurrant liqueur, lime juice and fiery ginger beer.

Kir Cocktail image

Kir Cocktail

Canon Félix Kir's traditional white wine and cassis apéritif with added vodka 'oomph'. A barspoon of pisco adds complexity to this cocktail but if available

Tequila Sunrise image

Tequila Sunrise

This 1970s zesty citrus version of the Tequila Sunrise looks the part and comes with a sweet treat at the bottom of the glass.

Blimey image


This vodka-laced Blackberry and lime(y) summer cooler is both fruity and (hopefully) aptly named.

Bolshoi Punch image

Bolshoi Punch

An innocuous-seeming pink classic - richly flavoured and easy to drink.

Parisian Cocktail image

Parisian Cocktail

Rich cassis tempered by gin and dry vermouth.

El Diablo Cocktail image

El Diablo Cocktail

The tequila, rich red berry fruit, lime and ginger aren't exactly a subtle combination but it is one that has proved both popular and enduring.

Epestone Daiquiri image

Epestone Daiquiri

A pleasant, maroon coloured, blackcurrant-flavoured Daiquiri.

Arnaud (Parisian Nights) image

Arnaud (Parisian Nights)

This flavoursome, three equal parts cocktail has a lightly sweet palate followed by a dry finish. An interesting balance of blackcurrant, vermouth and

Brazilian Berry image

Brazilian Berry

This drink combines wine, cachaça and rich berry fruits.

Gina image


The lemon and blackcurrant mask the character of the gin.

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