De La Louisiane #2 (equal parts bourbon)

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There are approximately 234 calories in one serving of De La Louisiane #2 (equal parts bourbon).

Styles & Flavours

De La Louisiane #2 (equal parts bourbon) image

Serve in a

Coupe glass


Luxardo Maraschino cherry

How to make:

STIR all ingredients with ice and strain into chilled glass.

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Full flavoured and complex, yet fairly sweet, with herbal notes and a touch of absinthe.


This bourbon rather than rye take on this cocktail is adapted from Stanley Clisby Arthur's 1937 book Famous New Orleans Drinks and How to Mix 'Em in which he wrote, "This is the special cocktail served at Restaurant de la Louisiane, one of the famous French restaurants of New Orleans, long the rendezvous of those who appreciate the best in Creole cuisine."

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