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Raspberry flavoured vodka
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Cranberry Collins image

Cranberry Collins

Tangy cranberry and raspberry juice with freshening zesty lemon and a touch of bittersweet herbal complexity.

Fruit and Nut Chocolate Cocktail image

Fruit and Nut Chocolate Cocktail

Naughty but nice - one for confectionery lovers.

Koi Yellow image

Koi Yellow

Sherbet raspberry Martini with a sweet and citrus sour finish.

Raspberry Mocha'tini image

Raspberry Mocha'tini

Sweet chocolate and raspberry tempered by dry coffee and vodka.

Valentini image


A rich ripe strawberry and raspberry riff on the Porn Star Martini with lemon freshness and faint saffron.

Esquire #2 image

Esquire #2

Spirit (vodka) forward and floral with notes of berry fruit.

Nuts & Berries image

Nuts & Berries

The inclusion of a carbonate (lemonade) may annoy some classical bartenders but it adds flavour, sweetness and dilution.

Nutty Berry Cocktail image

Nutty Berry Cocktail

Berry flavoured vodka and cranberry juice, sweetened with hazelnut and cherry liqueurs and dried with lime juice.

Plum Pudding image

Plum Pudding

Spicy and fruity.

Raspberry Sake'tini image

Raspberry Sake'tini

Fruity with wafts of sake - reminiscent of a French Martini.

Razzmatazz image


Fruity with general of razzmatazz

Strasberi Sling image

Strasberi Sling

Raspberry and apple combine beautifully in this refreshing drink with its clean citrus tang.

Strawberry Blonde Martini image

Strawberry Blonde Martini

Berry vodka dominates with hints of strawberry and basil.

Sweet Louise image

Sweet Louise

Lots of contrasting flavours but she's a sweet girl.

The Red Army image

The Red Army

Rather red and rather fruity.

Trifle Cocktail image

Trifle Cocktail

A cocktail that tastes like its namesake.

Urban Oasis image

Urban Oasis

Alcoholic orange and raspberry sherbet - how bad is that? A crowd pleasing drink.

Venus In Furs image

Venus In Furs

Juicy flavours with a hint of spice make for a refreshing, quaffable drink.

Wild Promenade Cocktail image

Wild Promenade Cocktail

Rich raspberry with green hints of cucumber.

Pale Rider image

Pale Rider

Sweet and fruity.