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Thai Green Cocktail image

Thai Green Cocktail

Extracting the juice from the stems and leaves of the coriander is key to both the colour and flavour of this fresh-tasting cocktail, inspired by some

Basil Beauty image

Basil Beauty

Pineapple and passion fruit laced with citrus vodka and infused with hints of lime, basil and coconut.

Caribbean Colada image

Caribbean Colada

Rum and pineapple strike up a tropical harmony, helped by coconut, passionfruit and orange.

Coco Milky Way cocktail image

Coco Milky Way cocktail

Cachaça laced pineapple, coconut and cream with hints of almond and hazelnut.

Coconut Daiquiri image

Coconut Daiquiri

Classic Daiquiri flavour with a pleasing tropical touch.

Coming Of Age image

Coming Of Age

Don's Coco Punch image

Don's Coco Punch

Reminiscent of a tequila Piña Colada with the merest hint of Chartreuse.

La Palma image

La Palma

Facundo Bacardi Moreau, son of Don Facundo, was 14 years old when he planted the first coconut tree at his legendary distillery as it opened. As its roots

Coconut Water image

Coconut Water

Have you ever drunk from a fresh coconut in the Caribbean? Well, this is London's alcoholic equivalent.

Welcome Home image

Welcome Home

The history of Bacardí, simplicity and my guests were what inspired me to create Welcome Home. The Bacardi family survived a fire, prohibition, earthquakes

Espiritu de Santiago image

Espiritu de Santiago

Not yet rated

“‘Espiritu de Santiago’ is inspired by the untameable passion of the Bacardí Family. “The family prevailed over countless adversities; and this