The Democrat

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Σερβίρεται σε:

2 fl oz Bourbon whiskey
½ fl oz Creme de peche (ροδάκινο)
½ fl oz Σιρόπι μελιού
fl oz Χυμός λεμονιού
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Bourbon whiskey image Creme de peche (ροδάκινο) image Σιρόπι μελιού image Χυμός λεμονιού image

Πώς φτιάχνεται:

SHAKE with ice and strain into glass filled with crushed ice.


Lemon slice


The base spirit is inspired by Harry Truman, 33rd President, who only drank bourbon and is considered by many to be the last great Democrat.

Οι ρίζες του:

Created in 2007 by Jon Santer at Bourbon & Branch, San Francisco, USA as 'a kind of ode to the south - a democratic stronghold for so long'.


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