The JP Sazerac

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Serve in

Old-fashioned glass...
fl oz Cognac
½ fl oz Rittenhouse Bottled in Bond
fl oz Giffard Sugar Cane Syrup
4 dash Peychaud's Bitters
3 dash La Fee Parisienne absinthe
2 dash Angostura Aromatic Bitters
2 dash Saline solution 10:1 (5g sea salt to 50ml water)
fl oz Chilled water (omit if wet ice)
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How to make:

STIR All ingredients with ice and strain into frozen glass (no ice in glass).


Lemon zest twist (discarded)


As befits a great Sazerac, The JP is boozy with rich silky cognac smoothing spicy rye whiskey.


We're indebted the Cocktail Trading Company's Elliot Ball for bringing this cocktail to our attention and relaying the following story behind its creation and name.

"Several years ago, a good friend and excellent bartender, known here simply as 'JP' after perhaps one too many Sazeracs, described his sexual orientation as being "75/25" - that for every three encounters with men, he needed to maintain balance by bedding a lady. His friends serving him, much to his regret, were perfectly sober and thus able to remember this staggeringly obnoxious description of his sexual proclivities, and thus dedicated to him the 75/25 Sazerac (three parts fruity, one straight). It has been shortened simply to the JP Sazerac, a loving commemoration of a good friend's appalling way with words. It's also a frankly delicious Sazerac."

The history of the Sazerac cocktail can be found on our Sazerac cocktail page.

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Sugar syrup (2:1)

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