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Amer Picon
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Brooklyn (perfect) image

Brooklyn (perfect)

A perfect Manhattan with bittersweet liqueur rather than aromatic bitters and a balancing dash of sweet maraschino liqueur. If you can't obtain Picon

Brooklyn (Grohusko's original) image

Brooklyn (Grohusko's original)

Despite the generous dose of Italian 'sweet' vermouth, rye whiskey shines in this harmonious Sweet Manhattan-like dry cocktail.

Beginning of the End image

Beginning of the End

Burnt orange oils add smoky notes, complexity and balance to this bittersweet drink. A perfect after-dinner cocktail.

Brooklyn Cocktail image

Brooklyn Cocktail

Perhaps my favourite of the many renditions of the Brooklyn cocktail due to being dry yet made approachable by faint sweet maraschino and bittersweet herbal

Bushwick image


This Italian-American blend is better and even more gripping than Godfather II.

Cuban Liberal image

Cuban Liberal

Light white rum mellowed by Italian vermouth and made interesting with bittersweet French Amer Picon liqueur.

Fin de Siècle (End of Century) Cocktail image

Fin de Siècle (End of Century) Cocktail

Dry, spirituous and zesty, this is a cocktail that lends itself equally to aperitif or after-dinner occasions.

Hoskins Cocktail image

Hoskins Cocktail

Spirit-forward and just on the sweet side of bittersweet with cherry and citrus fruitiness. A perfect after-dinner digestif.

Looks Familiar image

Looks Familiar

I defy you not to love this herbal bittersweet tequila laced concoction.

Oh Cecilie! image

Oh Cecilie!

A tasty Danish riff on the Negroni.

Black Jack image

Black Jack

For us Brits this cocktail rekindles memories of the tuck shop and a black tongue from chewing on far too many Black Jacks. Happily, booze now takes the

Bywater image


This spirit-forward, herbal and bitter-sweet cocktail was originally served without ice but dilution tames its fire to appeal to a wider audience as an

Le Temps Des Cerises image

Le Temps Des Cerises

Created by Quentin Meunier from Le 83 Vernet, Avignon, France for the 2016 Cherry Heering Classic Challenge.

Picon Punch image

Picon Punch

Bittersweet and herbal, a distinctly French aperitif.

The Colonial Cooler image

The Colonial Cooler

Basically a Gin and It lengthened with soda and spiced with dashes of Amer Picon, Angostura bitters and orange curaçao.

Amber Negroni image

Amber Negroni

This very serious Negroni has great depth of flavour with mocha coffee and bitter gentian.

Sanctuary image


Wine-like with strong hints of bittersweet orange.

Mr Dogma image

Mr Dogma

Not yet rated

Didier Van den Broeck says of his drink, “The Mr Dogma is like a great drink lost in time. It could have a recipe written on the back of a dusty old

Africa Danz image
User submitted

Africa Danz

Not yet rated


Home Alone 2 image
User submitted

Home Alone 2

Not yet rated

It's on the sweet and harmless side, so if (like me) you like shorter, spirit-forward cocktails, maybe up the rye and reduce the dubonnet a little.