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Whisky Mac image

Whisky Mac

Subtly spirituous with whisky notes tamed by rich green wine, which also adds mild warming ginger spice.

Whisky Mac Toddy image

Whisky Mac Toddy

Simple, warming and comforting – rich ginger wine gently spices and mellows Scotch whisky.

Apple Mac image

Apple Mac

Scotch, ginger and apple are a threesome made in heaven.

Berry Flip image

Berry Flip

A most unusual cognac-laced flip with rich blackcurrant and lingering ginger spice. Slightly on the sweet side.

Ginger Cocktail image

Ginger Cocktail

This Martini may be served chilled but its flavour is distinctly warming.

Gingerbread Cocktail image

Gingerbread Cocktail

Sticky, warming and spicy.

Havana Cobbler image

Havana Cobbler

An unusual, spiced, Daiquiri-like drink.

Old Mill image

Old Mill

Peaty Islay malt and calvados combine in this spicy and warming on-the-rocks cocktail.

Gin Gin image

Gin Gin

Gin and ginger - as simple as that. Surprisingly good.

Lychee Mac image

Lychee Mac

Peaty Scotch whisky with sweet lychee and warning ginger.

Mac Orange image

Mac Orange

A Whisky Mac with orange topping off the ginger.

Melchior image


Based on cognac and named after one of the three wise men, this cocktail uses three spices – ginger, cloves and saffron (in the Bénédictine) and a

Poire de Vivre image

Poire de Vivre

A cognac laced, slightly sweet ginger bomb.

Stone & Gravel image

Stone & Gravel

Simple, strong and surprisingly good.