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Orgeat (almond) sugar syrup
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Elixir Tropical image

Elixir Tropical

There’s a load of orgeat (almond syrup) in this Daiquiri-style cocktail but it’s only just on the sweet side of balanced with that almond richness

Mai Tai (Difford's recipe) image

Mai Tai (Difford's recipe)

We love Daiquiris and this is basically a classic Daiquiri with a few bells and whistles: Orange curaçao, lime juice, almond syrup, amaretto, falernum,

Port of Spain (by Dominic Alling) image

Port of Spain (by Dominic Alling)

Named after the capital city of Trinidad, the home of Angostura Bitters, and fittingly this cocktail calls for a monster half an ounce of bitters. Despite

Thin Pink Line image

Thin Pink Line

A subtly almond influenced brandy sour served straight-up and set apart by its namesake ‘Thin Pink Line’ of Peychaud’s bitters which floats on top

Army & Navy image

Army & Navy

Almond and lemon flavoured gin. Subtle, citrusy and (despite generous orgeat) dry.

Beelzebub image


Whoever created this bittersweet drink is clearly in league with Beelzebub himself – it's devilishly good. With rich bourbon, a hint of smoky mezcal,

Daiquiri De Luxe image

Daiquiri De Luxe

A standard Daiquiri turned premium and given a touch of Tiki with added notes of almond and pineapple.

Fog Cutter image

Fog Cutter

Don't be fooled by this seemingly innocuous orange-yellow long, fruity cocktail. It packs a serious punch with sweet almond notes masking its rum, gin

French Kiss #3 image

French Kiss #3

Raspberry and rich almond tamed by lime with underlying cognac character.

Harvest Moon (1930s recipe) image

Harvest Moon (1930s recipe)

Described as being an applejack sour with orgeat, we've adapted the recipe to use commercially available orgeat. If using a more artisan orgeat then you

Japanese Cocktail image

Japanese Cocktail

Lightly sweetened and diluted cognac flavoured with almond and a hint of spice.

London Sour image

London Sour

Our thanks to Brent Evans for pointing us towards this tasty cocktail which he describes as “Scotch whisky blended with fresh oranges, lemons and a whisper

Mai Tai (Trader Vic's) Cocktail image

Mai Tai (Trader Vic's) Cocktail

We love Daiquiris and this is basically a classic Daiquiri with a few bells and whistles.

Ojo Negro image

Ojo Negro

Fruity with cacao, coffee, coconut and almond.

Orinoco cocktail image

Orinoco cocktail

Dry sherry, chocolate and coconut add subtle nuances to a base of cachaça and apple juice.

Pink Tsipouro Fizz image

Pink Tsipouro Fizz

Rich almond with delicate zesty citrus packaged in a light pink refreshing drink.

Saturn image


A Tiki influenced frozen gin sour with passion fruit and almond.

Sourise image


Almond, cognac and raspberry harmoniously sit together to flavour this sour-style cocktail.

The Other Woman image

The Other Woman

Adapted from a recipe created in 2015 by Lucy Horncastle at Nola Bar, London, England.

The Pan Am Cocktail image

The Pan Am Cocktail

This light citrusy aperitivo cocktail has an attractive tartness balanced by rich almond syrup.