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Raspberry (framboise) sugar syrup
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Bird of Paradise Gin Fizz image

Bird of Paradise Gin Fizz

A Gin Fizz with pleasing rich raspberry notes.

Clover Club (Lowe's recipe) image

Clover Club (Lowe's recipe)

Balanced and complex with a fruity blast of raspberry - made interesting due to its inclusion of vermouth.

East India No.1 image

East India No.1

A splash of floral red curaçao, raspberry syrup and the merest touch of maraschino delicately flavour and slightly sweeten this spirit-forward brandy-based

Jack Rose Cocktail image

Jack Rose Cocktail

In his 1948 The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks, David Embury says, a Jack Rose is nothing but a Pink Apple Car and when made with just calvados, lemon juice

Knickerbocker image


Fruity and refreshing – a party drink with rum and raspberry flavours predominating. At its best when made with homemade raspberry syrup.

Maiden's Blush No.2 image

Maiden's Blush No.2

A mere spoon of blanche absinthe washes over ten times as much Old Tom gin in this complex sour which is delicately balanced by a splash of raspberry syrup.

Millionaire image


Delicately sweet with whiskey-laced, rich zesty citrus, sweet berry fruit and a hint of aniseed which is smoothed and rounded by egg white.

Rosé 75 image

Rosé 75

Raspberry fruitiness, rosé champagne and a coupe glass serve set this French 75 apart and make it fitting for Valentine's Day.

Super Seedy image

Super Seedy

Raspberry fruit richness is balanced by bitter botanical complexity in this Irish whiskey-based alternative to an Old-Fashioned.

Vodka Daisy image

Vodka Daisy

Dependent on your raspberry syrup (homemade is best) you'll either have a beautifully fruity and refreshing drink, or one that's a tad on the sweet side.

Cosmopolitan Cocktail (1934 recipe) image

Cosmopolitan Cocktail (1934 recipe)

Reminiscent of a Sidecar and, depending on your syrup, well-balanced.

Knickerbocker Special image

Knickerbocker Special

Slightly sweet and very fruity with raspberry and pineapple to the fore. Made with freshly prepared homemade raspberry syrup (1½:1) this is particularly

Prohibition Daisy image

Prohibition Daisy

A lightly sweetened fruit smoothie with orange, pineapple, and raspberry along with lemon and lime which provide balancing citrus acidity.

Serendipity image


Created by Ye JinMing, from Guangdong Bartending & Wine Tasting Association, Guangzhou, China for the 2016 Cherry Heering Classic Challenge.

White Lion image

White Lion

Adapted from the first-known appearance of this recipe in Jerry Thomas' 1862 The Bar-tenders Guide and then repeated in his 1876 and 1887 editions. Jerry

Clover Club image
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Clover Club

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Elisângela's Clover Club image
User submitted

Elisângela's Clover Club

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SHAKE all ingredients with ice and strain back into shaker.

Floradora image
User submitted


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Add Ingredients into shaker with ice. Shake vigorously for 25 seconds, strain into Highball glass with fresh ice. Top with Club Soda *optional: Float

I May Destroy You image
User submitted

I May Destroy You

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Put all ingredients + ice cubes on a shaker Shake it for 10 secs Double strain and be happy

It's about bloody time image
User submitted

It's about bloody time

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When I finally found some lovely blood oranges I wanted to do them right and came up with this recipe.