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Vanilla bitters
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Daiquiri No.1 Natural (Embury's 8:2:1 formula) image

Daiquiri No.1 Natural (Embury's 8:2:1 formula)

Traditionally a Daiquiri should always be based on light rum but if I should feel like breaking with tradition and using aged rum, I find Embury's 8:2:1

Banana Split image

Banana Split

A banana flavoured after-dinner sipper of cocktail with coconut water subtly flavouring and smoothing cognac.

Beat Dis image

Beat Dis

Beetroot and vanilla are harmonious flavours, here rum-laced with balancing lime and an enlivening hint of spice.

Big Boss image

Big Boss

A Godfather made with bourbon is The Boss so it stands to reason that with bottled-in-bond rye, it is the Big Boss.

Bourbon Milk Punch image

Bourbon Milk Punch

Truly the milk of the Gods! Delicate bourbon with a touch of vanilla. Balanced rather than sweet, and milky rather than creamy.

Cherry Manhattan image

Cherry Manhattan

Cherry may be upfront in the name of this Sweet Manhattan riff but the cherry notes are far from dominant – garnish excluded.

Gingerbread Old Fashioned image

Gingerbread Old Fashioned

Boozy and lightly ginger spiced with vanilla and caramel.

Gingerbread Tequila Old Fashioned image

Gingerbread Tequila Old Fashioned

Ginger notes are subtle while the caramel combines harmoniously with the aged tequila to make a truly delicious nightcap.

Mediocre image


Ripe pineapple, rich vanilla and honey laced with rum. The use of mead in this drink inspired the ‘Mediocre’ name.

Orange Custard Cocktail image

Orange Custard Cocktail

A smooth creamy orangey dessert cocktail that is surprisingly boozy and far from overly sweet. However, be warned, it is thick and rich - just as a dessert

The Last Time (AKA Stop Fiddling With My Drink) image

The Last Time (AKA Stop Fiddling With My Drink)

Richly flavoured and yet dry – rum and subtle desiccated coconut with monastic herbal sweetness dried by aromatic fino sherry and vanilla bitters.

Vanilla Margarita image

Vanilla Margarita

A classic Margarita with a hint of vanilla.

Almond Martini image

Almond Martini

A delicate, almond flavoured Vodka Martini.

Amaro-etti Biscotti image

Amaro-etti Biscotti

Cognac, amaretto and amaro, aromatised with vanilla bitters and Islay single malt.

DC Martini image

DC Martini

Vanilla, chocolate and a hint of nut. Enjoy as an altern'atini or add more sugar syrup to make this into a dessert cocktail.

Grappa & Ginger Highball image

Grappa & Ginger Highball

Aromatic green grapes, cream of soda vanilla and delicate ginger.

Randy Sangaree image

Randy Sangaree

Named after the London rhyming slang for port and brandy, its base ingredients. The love interest comes courtesy of orange and vanilla.

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12 mile limit


Angel image
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Clean, fresh and strong and very easy to make. The strength of the gin combines beautifully with the nuttiness from the vermouth, which is all brought