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Honey liqueur (spiced)
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Polish Martini image

Polish Martini

In Poland, Bison Grass vodka and apple juice are a classic combo, here also with an additional splash of Polish honey liqueur. Adjust the quantity of

Bohemian Iced Tea image

Bohemian Iced Tea

A fruity and refreshing drink with surprising flavours.

Limited Liability image

Limited Liability

A sour and flavoursome short - honey and lime work well together.

Milk & Honey Cocktail image

Milk & Honey Cocktail

The rich flavour of Scotch is tamed by honey and cream.

Papa Bear image

Papa Bear

Delicately spiced and honeyed cognac.

Pooh'tini image


Grassy honey with spicy, slightly tannic, camomile finish.

Chinese Cosmopolitan image

Chinese Cosmopolitan

Oriental in name and style - perhaps a tad sweeter than your standard Cosmo.

Creamy Bee image

Creamy Bee

Creamy cinnamon with hints of honey, nuts and berries.

Grassy Finnish image

Grassy Finnish

Like Finland, this drink is clean, green, wooded and safe, but deep down there's plenty of spice.

Honey Apple Cocktail image

Honey Apple Cocktail

A classically Polish blend of flavours.

Honey Berry Sour image

Honey Berry Sour

More sweet than sour but berry nice.

Honey Vodka Sour image

Honey Vodka Sour

A vodka sour with true honey character.

Nutty Nashville image

Nutty Nashville

Bourbon and hazelnut smoothed and rounded by honey.

Perfect Alibi image

Perfect Alibi

A very unusual and pleasant mix of flavours.

Rhubarb & Honey Bellini image

Rhubarb & Honey Bellini

The implausible combination works surprisingly well.

The Hive image

The Hive

Sour grapefruit balanced by sweet honey.

Heaven Scent image

Heaven Scent

Honey, vanilla and lemon - reminiscent of a chilled, straight-up toddy.

Limousine image


In winter this hot drink is a warming treat. In summer serve cold over ice, as pictured.

Saigon Sling image

Saigon Sling

A fusion of unusual flavours.

Thomas Blood Martini image

Thomas Blood Martini

An appealing, honey-led melange of sweet and sour.