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Passion fruit liqueur
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Passepartout image


The sour, tropical fruity flavour of fresh passion fruit laced with cacha├ža's grassy tropical notes. Like Jules Verne's Jean Passepartout, this cocktail

Passion Fruit Mojito image

Passion Fruit Mojito

Fruity, just as the name promises, but this Mojito is balanced rather than sweet.

Pink Passion Fruit Margarita image

Pink Passion Fruit Margarita

A citrusy bite keeps this distinctly pink, fruity Margarita just on the tart side.

Porn Star Martini image

Porn Star Martini

A passion fruit and vanilla crowd-pleaser that's balanced with zesty lime, often served with sparkling wine on the side.

Bajan Mojito image

Bajan Mojito

A laid-back fruity, slightly sweet Mojito.

Tango Cocktail (from the Bellagio) image

Tango Cocktail (from the Bellagio)

Passion fruit liqueur balanced tart grapefruit fortified with gin.

Estrella Porno Martini image

Estrella Porno Martini

A tequila (instead of vodka) based Porn Star Martini. ('Estrella Porno' is Spanish for 'Porn Star'.)

Exotic Passion image

Exotic Passion

Bittersweet and floral - one for the poolside.

Fru Fru image

Fru Fru

Dry, bitter grapefruit complimented by passion fruit and strawberry.

Palm Springs image

Palm Springs

Mint-infused iced fruit water with a lick of rum.

Saigon Sling image

Saigon Sling

A fusion of unusual flavours.

Transylvanian Martini image

Transylvanian Martini

A tad sweet nut very fruity.

Hot Passion image

Hot Passion

A fruity, slightly sweet twist on a Madras.

Pass-on-That image


Full-on passion fruit and berries.

Passbour Cooler image

Passbour Cooler

Cherry and bourbon with passion fruit.

Passion Killer image

Passion Killer

Tropical fruit and tequila.

Passover image


Tropical and sweet.

Tropical Breeze image

Tropical Breeze

A sweet, fruity Seabreeze.

Tutti Frutti image

Tutti Frutti

A berry drink with a tropical tinge.

Umbongo image


A light and medium sweet tropical style drink.