Atholl Brose

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Coupe glass...
2 spoon Raw orange blossom runny honey (heather)
2 fl oz Dewar's 12 Year Old Scotch whisky
fl oz Oatmeal water (from Quaker porridge oats)
¼ fl oz Drambuie liqueur
¼ fl oz Disaronno Originale amaretto
½ fl oz Single cream / half-and-half
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How to make:

Prepare oatmeal water by soaking three heaped tablespoons of oatmeal in half a mug of warm water. Stir and leave to stand for fifteen minutes. Then strain to extract the creamy liquid and discard what's left of the oatmeal.

To make the drink, STIR honey with Scotch until honey dissolves. Add other ingredients, SHAKE with ice and fine strain into chilled glass.


Dust with grated nutmeg


Forget the porridge and kick start your day with an Atholl Brose.


Our adaptation of a Scottish classic.

Legend has it that Atholl Brose was created by the Earl of Atholl in 1475 when he was trying to capture Iain MacDonald, Lord of the Isles and leader of a rebellion against the king. Hearing rumours that MacDonald was drawing his drinking water from a small well, the Earl ordered it to be filled with honey, whisky and oatmeal. MacDonald lingered at the well enjoying the concoction and was captured.


340 calories

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