Riffs & variations
Riffs & variations

Riffs & variations on the classic Cosmopolitan cocktail

Christmas Cosmopolitan image
Pomegranate Cosmopolitan image
Honey Cosmopolitan image
Rude Ginger Cosmopolitan image
Grand Cosmopolitan image
Ginger Cosmo image
Watermelon Cosmo image
Raspberry Cosmopolitan image
Royal Cosmopolitan image
Purple Cosmo image
Kirsch Cosmo image
Rude Cosmopolitan image
Strawberry Cosmo image
Not so Cosmo image
Neal's Barbados Cosmopolitan image
London Cosmopolitan image
Limey Cosmo image
Cosmogroni image
Dixie Cosmopolitan image
Cosmopolitan (no added sugar* & low-calorie) image
Cosmarita image
Brazilian Cosmopolitan image
Lago Cosmo image
Lemongrass Cosmo image
Ice White Cosmo image
White Cosmo image
Hawaiian Cosmopolitan image
Elderflower Cosmo image
Creole Cosmo image
Chinese Cosmopolitan image
Blue Cosmo image
Apricot Cosmo image
Grande Champagne Cosmo image
Metropolitan (1993) image
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