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Pear liqueur (Poire William)
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La Perla image

La Perla

Simple yet complex, this beautifully balanced cocktail has faint saltiness from the manzanilla, delicate pear fruit and well-integrated fortifying tequila.

Suzette au Bal (Suzette at the Ball) image

Suzette au Bal (Suzette at the Ball)

Dry and lightly bitter with a faint mezcal smokiness and delicate rich pear fruit.

Smoky Orchard Highball image

Smoky Orchard Highball

Savoury, delicately fruity and refreshing with delicate ripe pear, dry gin and celery with a hint of smoke.

Tears in Heaven image

Tears in Heaven

A richly flavoured, well-balanced after-dinner cocktail.

Lovely Pear of Coconuts image

Lovely Pear of Coconuts

As the name implies, this cocktail has a duo of coconut flavours, with pear liqueur and laced with white rum.

Summa Peto image

Summa Peto

Delicate, aromatic and Martini-esc with delicate minerality and pear fruitiness.

Walter Mondale image

Walter Mondale

A delicious spirit-forward honey, pear and delicately citrusy late-night sipper balanced and made interesting by underlying sherry.

King Louis image

King Louis

Kerry, the creator of this cocktail, describes it as A juicy wee treat to save you from sizzling over summer, made with a zesty new product from our friends

Flip Williams image

Flip Williams

Velvety smooth with hints of whiskey and pear.

Réveillon Cocktail image

Réveillon Cocktail

Bittersweet and spicy with underlying warming apple spirit. Originally designed to be served straight-up in a Nick & Nora glass, we think it's better suited

Late Night image

Late Night

This spirit-forward stirred cocktail combines fruity pear, dry oloroso sherry and fortifying cognac.

Frank Lloyd Wright image

Frank Lloyd Wright

An Old Fashioned-style cocktail with pear and walnut liqueurs along with a touch of peated malt whisky.

Séamus Plug image

Séamus Plug

Irish whiskey, dry vermouth and pear liqueur cocktail with apple juice. Drops of bitters are crucial to the balance, so if not available, replace them

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