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Martinique blanc rhum agricole
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Absinthe Daiquiri image

Absinthe Daiquiri

It's surprising both how much absinthe you can use in this bite-sized cocktail and then how much sugar is needed to tame it. Hit the balance and all these

Around The World image

Around The World

Tsipouro and falernum shine in this long fruity cocktail with just enough Agricole to make this properly tropical in style.

Caribbean Sazerac image

Caribbean Sazerac

A Caribbean-inspired riff on the classic Sazerac cocktail

Champagne Piña Colada image

Champagne Piña Colada

Deliciously creamy pineapple and coconut enlivened by champagne with rum notes shining through.

Creole Cosmo image

Creole Cosmo

Dry tangy and perhaps more sophisticated than a classic Cosmo.

El Presidente (with rhum agricole) image

El Presidente (with rhum agricole)

Rhum agricole adds distinctive grassy notes to this delicate Cuban classic.

First Emperor image

First Emperor

Grassy spirituous agricole rhum is mellowed by fruity pineapple, sweet herbal liqueur and vinous herbal vermouth.

Fray Wray image

Fray Wray

Banana notes are subtle in this rum and cognac-laced sipper.

Jägerdame image


This dame is best enjoyed after dinner or as a late-night pick-me-up/put you down.

Pineapple Express image

Pineapple Express

Although only one-part rhum agricole to two-parts pineapple rum, it's the agricole that dominates the delicious and spirituous sour.

Quotidien image


Rum agricole fortifies sherry to produce a spirituous aperitivo or after dinner/late night sipper.

Ti Punch image

Ti Punch

As the name suggests – this drink is punchy – traditionally made with 50% alc./vol. rhum agricole. And, even if you choose to add ice, then dilution

Ti' Time Daiquiri image

Ti' Time Daiquiri

The Ti' Punch meets the Daiquiri.

Bandelures image


Jason's original recipe calls for 45ml (1½oz) rhum agricole and 30ml (1oz) peach aperitif and I suspect used 40% alc./vol. rhum so I have reformulated

Bitches Brew image

Bitches Brew

This flavoursome flip-style drink comes served with a hint of Caribbean spice.

Kill-Devil image


This is one boozy little devil, but tasty.

Montego Bay image

Montego Bay

The name suggests Jamaica, but the recipe stipulates Martinique agricole rum.

Planteur image


Handle with extreme care.

New Orleans Black image

New Orleans Black

Agricole character bursts out of this spiced Daiquiri.

Beyond The Veil image

Beyond The Veil

Not yet rated

By Jim Wrigley, UK “By way of an introduction, before telling this story I should point out that when I travel I have a habit of noting things down