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Soda (club soda) water
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South Side Rickey image

South Side Rickey

Think gin-based Mojito – refreshing and easy drinking.

Ramos Gin Fizz image

Ramos Gin Fizz

One of the great classic cocktails. The perfect balance of sweet and sour is enhanced by the incredibly smooth, almost fluffy mouthfeel.

Spritz Al Bitter (Spritz Veneziano) image

Spritz Al Bitter (Spritz Veneziano)

Basically a Spritzer with a generous splash of Italian red bitter liqueur - dry and very refreshing. The perfect aperitivo.

Martinique Fizz image

Martinique Fizz

Select the right glass [a highball glass means no larger than 10oz], appropriate and delicious rums, and take time to properly dissolve your powdered sugar,

Original Tequila Sunrise image

Original Tequila Sunrise

Tequila notes shine with delicate berry fruit (and depending on your ingredients subtle vanilla) in this delicious 1930's version of the Sunrise.

Genever Collins image

Genever Collins

The Tom Collins was originally made with genever, so this is the original Collins. However, old tom gin replaced genever on a Tom Collins, relegating genever

Addington image


Substituting vermouths (go high-end) dramatically alters the character of this light and easy aperitivo.

Mojito Cocktail image

Mojito Cocktail

When well made, this Cuban cousin of the Mint Julep is one of the world's greatest and most refreshing cocktails.

Scotch Whisky Highball image

Scotch Whisky Highball

Simple, refreshing and brilliant. One of the best ways to appreciate a good scotch whisky.

Sangaree (Sangria) image

Sangaree (Sangria)

Summer in a glass. Heavy wine tannins are sweetened, lightened and infused with fruit.

St. Patrick's Day image

St. Patrick's Day

Verdant, vibrant, and virtuous - so virtuous that it's saintly! Faintly minty, herbal, and citrusy with whiskey making it a helluva craic.

Eastside Gimlet image

Eastside Gimlet

A riff on the Southside and the Gimlet using cucumber, an ingredient inspired by Hendrick's Gin having recently launched when this gin cocktail was first

Jack Collins image

Jack Collins

Apple brandy makes a great base spirit in this refreshing classic.

Tom Collins image

Tom Collins

A medium-dry Gin Collins based on old tom gin. There is much confusion between Tom Collins and John Collins; arguably, the two names are interchangeable

Georgia Mint Julep image

Georgia Mint Julep

Bourbon, peach and mint flavours combine harmoniously in this cooling cocktail.

Americano image


Bittersweet, lightly effervescent, long and refreshing.

Bonaparte cocktail image

Bonaparte cocktail

Zesty mandarin orange and espresso coffee served as a tall refreshing cocktail.

Hi Life Spritz image

Hi Life Spritz

Borrowing its name from both BA High Life magazine and the highball glass it is served in, this refreshing long drink combines the botanical complexity

Pisco Punch (Micheli's recipe) image

Pisco Punch (Micheli's recipe)

This Pisco Punch is very fruity and slightly on the sweet side but is so tasty that it justifies its legendary reputation.

Whiskey Collins image

Whiskey Collins

A whiskey-based twist on the classic Tom Collins .

Morning Glory Fizz image

Morning Glory Fizz

This classic, sour and aromatic cocktail is traditionally considered a morning after a pick-me-up / rejuvenative 'hair-of-the-dog'.

No. 10 Lemonade image

No. 10 Lemonade

Basically a long blueberry Daiquiri.

Gin Fizz image

Gin Fizz

Everyone has heard of this clean, refreshing, long drink but few have actually tried it.

Batida Rosa image

Batida Rosa

Fruity and tropical. A tall refreshing drink for a hot evening or an afternoon beside the pool.

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