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Lavender sugar syrup
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Arte de Volar image

Arte de Volar

Tequila replaces gin in this riff on an Aviation cocktail – 'Arte de Volar' is Spanish for 'Art of Flying'. As with the original gin-based classic, notes

Bermondsey Minute image

Bermondsey Minute

Tequila and lavender are a match made in heaven, made more complex with herbal wine notes from the vermouth and aromatised by delicately fruity maraschino

Early Spring image

Early Spring

Rhubarb flavours shine in this tall floral lavender sour.

Floral Daiquiri image

Floral Daiquiri

A floral riff on a classic Daiquiri with a hint of berry fruitiness and a lavender pink hue courtesy of a blueberry threesome.

Give Me Fever image

Give Me Fever

This drink combines the fever quenching G&T with medicinal lavender and flavoursome mezcal from the Mexican territories where us Brits are susceptible

Harold and Maude image

Harold and Maude

Balanced, complex and very, very serious.

Heisenberg Cocktail image

Heisenberg Cocktail

Like a suitably complex chemistry experiment, this Margarita-like cocktail has seven ingredients with mezcal adding smoky notes to tequila and a trio of

Last Palabra image

Last Palabra

Tequila replaces gin in this riff on the classic Last Word with the amount of maraschino slightly reduced to accommodate the introduction of lavender syrup,

Lavender Margarita image

Lavender Margarita

A floral lavender influenced margarita.

The Stag image

The Stag

Boozy and stirred down. Cognac fortifies and combines harmoniously with Jägermeister's bittersweet herbal and spicy notes. Rich lavender enhances and

Callahan's Painkiller image

Callahan's Painkiller

This riff on the classic Painkiller features the distinctive flavours of coffee and cacao spiced rum.

Lavender & Black Pepper Cocktail image

Lavender & Black Pepper Cocktail

Subtly sweetened and lavender flavoured vodka, with a bump and grind of spicy pepper.

Mure & Lavender Batida image

Mure & Lavender Batida

As the name suggests this creamy Batida is flavoured with blackberries and lavender.

Red Head image

Red Head

A bittersweet aperitif style cocktail with light strawberry and delicate lavender notes.

The Sweetcar image

The Sweetcar

Created by Michael Yona Costa, from Brugmann in Brussels, Belgium for the 2016 Cherry Heering Classic Challenge.

Relajese con Facundo image

Relajese con Facundo

Floral but this rum-based drink is far from being a pansy.

Purple Sunset image

Purple Sunset

Not yet rated

Sanja’s inspiration: “Life often can be stressful; at home I would smell fresh lavender to feel calm and relaxed after a long day. When you work on

Seonaidh image


Not yet rated

Created in 2018 for Caorunn Gin by Jamie Graeme Gilmour at Masons, Manchester, England.

Em's Dry Botanical image
User submitted

Em's Dry Botanical

Not yet rated

Dry, juicy and plump.

Flying Blind with a Burning Engine image
User submitted

Flying Blind with a Burning Engine

Not yet rated

An Aviation riff that I'm working on, thoughts and comments welcome