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Old Tom gin
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Ford Cocktail image

Ford Cocktail

The Ford Cocktail is a Martini-style cocktail sweetened by both the use of old tom gin and Bénédictine D.O.M. liqueur (not Bénédictine B&B) served

Ramos Gin Fizz image

Ramos Gin Fizz

One of the great classic cocktails. The perfect balance of sweet and sour is enhanced by the incredibly smooth, almost fluffy mouthfeel.

Tuxedo (Difford's recipe) image

Tuxedo (Difford's recipe)

Inspired by the numerous other Tuxedo recipes, this combines the best of them with a faint hint of sweetness (from the bianco vermouth and old tom gin)

French 75 (Difford's recipe) image

French 75 (Difford's recipe)

I've Colin Field to thank for my French 75 epiphany. One evening in early June 2017 I was sat at his bar (Bar Hemingway) and he showed me the vintage 75ml

New Orleans Gin Fizz image

New Orleans Gin Fizz

The full flavour of Old Tom gin adds an extra dimension to this classic Gin Fizz. Indeed, it is probably the original Gin Fizz.

Martinez (with Old Tom gin) image

Martinez (with Old Tom gin)

Use an authentic-tasting distilled old tom gin that's balanced rather than overly sweet, and you'll have a fabulous cocktail.

Chauncey image


A delicious, spilt base, equal parts, Sweet Manhattan-style cocktail suited to late-night sipping.

Casino image


This recipe is a broad interpretation of Jacob A. Didier's 1909 original and the Casino recipes that follow in Hugo R. Ensslin's 1916 book and other subsequent

Surf & Turf Cocktail image

Surf & Turf Cocktail

Fino sherry adds a slight salty 'surf' note to this riff on the classic Turf Club Cocktail.

Turf Club Cocktail (Kappeler's Recipe) image

Turf Club Cocktail (Kappeler's Recipe)

Reminiscent of a Martini but sans vermouth, sweetened with dash of sugar and balanced by heavy use of bitters.

Tom Collins image

Tom Collins

A medium-dry Gin Collins based on old tom gin. There is much confusion between Tom Collins and John Collins; arguably, the two names are interchangeable

Byrrh Special image

Byrrh Special

The botanicals in gin combine brilliantly with Byrrh to create a cocktail that works as well as an apéritif as it does a digestif.

Alaska (Straub's 1914 recipe) image

Alaska (Straub's 1914 recipe)

Made with an Old Tom gin with amplified botanicals and minimal sugar (some are way too sweet) this is a spiritous and, if you hit the right dilution, tasty

Livorno Sour image

Livorno Sour

Delicate anise and peppermint with citrus freshness. Old Tom gin fortifies and adds piney juniper while amplifying pleasing liquorice notes. A cleansing

Bennett Cocktail image

Bennett Cocktail

The judicious dashing of bitters makes or breaks this Gimlet-like cocktail which tastes good when made with a dry gin but better when made with an old

Defender Cocktail image

Defender Cocktail

One of those drinks where the bitter oils from the orange zest twist are crucial to its fine balance.

Gin Sangaree (Sangre) image

Gin Sangaree (Sangre)

Either drink through the layers or stir before consuming. Fabulously old-school in style, this sweetened port and old tom gin drink resembles chilled mulled

Pink Gin image

Pink Gin

This is a cocktail that likes dilution, hence the shot of water in my recipe. And, a spoon full (or ½ spoon) of sugar certainly helps the medicine go

Turf Club Cocktail (Winter's Recipe) image

Turf Club Cocktail (Winter's Recipe)

Simple but very tasty, equal parts old tom gin and sweet vermouth with aromatic bitters. Winter's original 1884 recipe calls for Peruvian bitters - I found

Tuxedo Cocktail Original image

Tuxedo Cocktail Original

I've tried this recipe with 2 to 3 dashes of Angostura and also orange bitters, but I prefer it with 2 dashes of both aromatic (Angostura) and orange bitters,

Tom & Cherry image

Tom & Cherry

Old tom gin with layers of cherry, a hint of bitter-sweetness and a balancing zesty sourness.

Bird of Paradise Gin Fizz image

Bird of Paradise Gin Fizz

A Gin Fizz with pleasing rich raspberry notes, discovered by Charles H. Baker at the Strangers Club in Panama.

Emerson image


The botanical notes of old tom with herbal vermouth, zesty citrus and sweet maraschino. Reminiscent of a Last Word without Chartreuse.

Green Park image

Green Park

Lime green in colour under a frothy head, lemon fresh and botanical with gin, basil and a hint of celery.

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