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As great as the classic Caipirinha is, there's more you can do with Brazil's national spirit. Here are twenty cocktails to make which don't involve muddling limes.

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Ambrosio Cup
With: Cachaça, mint leaves, Bison grass vodka, Manzanilla sherry, lime juice, sugar syrup and soda.
We say: Cachaça, bison grass vodka and Manzanilla sherry combine harmoniously and are freshened with mint and lime in this refreshing cocktail.
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With: Cachaça, coconut water, condensed milk and lime juice.
We say: Thick and creamy with fortifying underlying cachaça spirit.
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Batida de Abacaxi
With: Cachaça, pineapple juice, milk and sugar syrup.
We say: A Batida (meaning 'shake') is a traditional Brazilian drink and 'Abacaxi' means pineapple in Portuguese, the official language of Brazil. This easy crowd-pleaser of a cocktail is creamy, fruity and to taste - only vaguely alcoholic.
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Batida Rosa
With: Cachaça, soda, pineapple juice, lemon juice and grenadine syrup.
We say: Fruity and tropical. A tall refreshing drink for a hot evening or an afternoon beside the pool.
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Bitter in Brazil
With: Cachaça, orange curaçao liqueur, Punt e Mes, sugar syrup and Fernet Branca.
We say: Bittersweet with orange accents and Fernet Branca contributing subtle bitterness.
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Brazil 66
With: Cachaça, triple sec, orange juice, sugar syrup and lime juice.
We say: Reminiscent of an orange influenced Caipirinha.
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Brazuca Remedy
With: Cachaça, limoncello, runny honey, lime juice, Aperol, basil leaves and egg white.
We say: Bittersweet and complex with underlying cachaça character. Perfect as an aperitivo.
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Caneflower Cocktail
With: Cachaça, Aperol, elderflower liqueur and chilled water.
We say: Rust coloured and bittersweet with cachaça and elderflower.
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Difford's Fruit Cup No.10
With: Cachaça, orange curaçao liqueur, sweet vermouth, Angostura Aromatic Bitters, ginger ale and cola.
We say: A fruit cup is just not as fruity when made with any other spirit - yes, cachaça is distilled from fermented sugar cane juice rather than fruit, but in this cocktail it seems to amplify fruity and sweet notes. While it may not go down well at Wimbledon, we're sure it would be a hit in Rio.
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Edison's Medicine
With: Cachaça, basil leaves, Yellow Chartreuse, lime juice, agave syrup and chilled water
We say: Cachaça leads with basil and Chartreuse herbal notes, zesty lime and agave richness.
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Esmeralda Cocktail
With: Cachaça, Islay single malt Scotch whisky, elderflower liqueur, lime juice and sugar syrup.
We say: Cachaça, lime and elderflower with a smoky hit of Islay whisky.
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Fernand x Nando
With: Cachaça, gentian liqueur (infused with coffee beans), calvados and Angostura Aromatic Bitters
We say: A bittersweet aperitif combining gentian herbal complexity with attractive coffee, cachaça and calvados spirituous notes.
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Grande Elixir cocktail
With: Cachaça, Yellow Chartreuse, honey water and lemon juice
We say: The name refers to the inclusion of Yellow Chartreuse which combines well with cachaça in this drink with honey and lemon juice.
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With: Cachaça, Benedictine, applejack brandy, demerara sugar syrup and Peychaud's Bitters.
We say: Who'd have thought cachaça and apple brandy would make such good bedfellows with herbal liqueur and Peychaud's?
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Orinoco Cocktail
With: Cachaça, apple juice, fino sherry, white crème de cacao and orgeat syrup.
We say: Dry sherry, chocolate and coconut add subtle nuances to a base of cachaça and apple juice.
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Pearl Button
With: Cachaça, Lillet Blanc, lime juice and lemonade.
We say: Cachaça, Lillet Blanc and citrus combine in this dry, refreshing drink.
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With: Cachaça, sweet vermouth, amari and hopped grapefruit bitters.
We say: The bittersweet herbal notes from the vermouth and Cynar combine harmoniously with the cachaça.
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Shadow Boxer
With: Cachaça, Campari, extra dry vermouth, pink grapefruit liqueur and eau-de-vie d'abricot
We say: As the name suggests this is a punchy cocktail - spirituous and bittersweet with a long bitter finish. Far from being a crowd-pleaser.
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Wet Cocktail
With: Cachaça, orgeat syrup, lemon juice and ground cinnamon and ginger ale
We say: Superbly refreshing. The pinch of cinnamon adds delicate spice which combines well with cachaça and ginger ale.
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You've Got Mail
With: Cachaça, sugar syrup, lime juice, orange juice, honey sugar syrup and champagne
We say: Cachaça and citrus balanced by honey and topped with champagne.

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