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Catfish Day

Catfish Day? Who ever knew there was one, and why there even is one... but it does give us the perfect excuse to make our variation on a famous punch recipe,

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English Rose

A dry, complex, gin-laced cocktail. Stir well, and depending on your ice, consider adding 7.5ml (¼oz) of well-chilled water before stirring.

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Ruby Diamond

Spirit-forward, bittersweet and sweet 'n' sour, this mezcal and gin sour is best enjoyed as an aperitivo or digestivo.

Periodista Daiquiri image

Periodista Daiquiri

An orange and apricot Daiquiri. Like most Daiquiris, the Periodista benefits from a little additional dilution, hence the chilled water in my recipe.

Quadrophenia image


A Sweet Manhattan on bitter steroids. If you find it a tad punchy then try served on-the-rocks.

Montana (Harry Johnson, 1900) image

Montana (Harry Johnson, 1900)

Sloe gin shines in this cocktail, lifted by subtle aniseed and liquorice notes from a touch of anisette.

Montana (Hoffman House, 1905) image

Montana (Hoffman House, 1905)

Liquorice and subtle aniseed from the anisette emerge through the vermouth's herbal notes.

Montana Club image

Montana Club

A spirit-forward cocktail that takes dilution well, so consider serving it in an old-fashioned glass over ice.

Montana (Jacques Straub, 1913) image

Montana (Jacques Straub, 1913)

The influence of anisette is surprisingly subtle in this alternative to a Sweet Manhattan. If you want to make this a little drier, use a tawny rather

Montana (Albert Stevens Crockett, 1931) image

Montana (Albert Stevens Crockett, 1931)

Ruby port adds fruitiness to this dry, brandy-laced late-night sipper.

Montana Club Martini image

Montana Club Martini

Expressed oils from a lemon zest twist are essential to the freshness of this beautifully rounded, old-tom gin-based Sweet Martini.

De Kuyper Blue Curaçao Cocktail Challenge image

De Kuyper Blue Curaçao Cocktail Challenge

Blue Curaçao's blue hue resembles the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea, so De Kuyper is challenging bartenders and home cocktail enthusiasts (prizes

Improved Japanese Cocktail image

Improved Japanese Cocktail

Lemon juice and bitters add a touch of creole sourness to this riff on the brandy-based classic Japanese Cocktail from Jerry Thomas's Bar Tenders Guide.

Private Island image

Private Island

Delicate grassy agricole rum and apricot brandy dance in this beautifully balanced, Tiki-style cocktail.

Negroni Flip image

Negroni Flip

Bittersweetness rounded and made wholesome by the addition of an egg. If you like Negronis be sure to sample this cocktail's flip side. Depending on your

Classic Vermouth Cocktail image

Classic Vermouth Cocktail

As the name promises, this cocktail is all about the vermouth, with the addition of maraschino liqueur and bitters delicately modifying, so their influence

White Mezcal Negroni image

White Mezcal Negroni

Muscular notes of mezcal and gentian square up to each other but are softened and made to play nicely by bianco vermouth.

Bedford & Grand image

Bedford & Grand

A delicious Manhattan-like cocktail that's brilliantly enlivened by chinato and fino sherry with maraschino playing an enhancing role.

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